Actually finished the knitting for this in early May. Wore it a couple times just all bundled up, finally got around to a good soak and block this afternoon. Yarn and pattern by @Indigodragonfly , Chameleon in “No Turkey For Me, Said The Dog, Never” and “Impervious” respectively.
I may be planning another. @fiberarts

Here's a short re-intro for the Fediverse:

I'm johanna, I work in tech support, married to one person, parent another, wrangle cats and try to keep a small home liveably clean. I help keep my condo community in order. The pandemic has made me more boring.

Sometimes I go on about:
illness stuff

“To help some of the newcomers make connections: name 5-7 things that interest you but aren't in your profile, as tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same.”

I'm dusting off an old finished object for , week 3. Holes on purpose eh? I'm very utilitarian about buttonholes, but kinda proud of some of the lace I've knit. This one was a first-prize winner at a show adjudicated by Anne Hanson.

I made it for my late Mom, so it's back with me now.


Working away on some . is something i’m Finicky about and don’t use much. I’m a roundish squishy person and don’t like to wear things that make me lumpier or squishier. But these are socks for me wee girl, with cute little bobbles dropped in amongst zig-zagging ribs. They are the Rock my Berries socks from the BMFA 10th year Rockin’ Sock Club.

More . These are the award-winning crazy mittens that inspired my hat-in-progress. 10 (I think) of my besties each designed one colourwork section having been given only the last line of the one before. Look up “They’re Fraternal but...” on .

Bound off the ! Pictures and Rav update will have to wait for tomorrow, as will blocking. Then I need to decide which of 3 recently made shawls should be a birthday present for a friend’s 40th in a week.

Enjoying the sunset colour scheme but damn I’d be done by now if I did t keep having to go backward out of dumbness.

I find myself wondering if @janellecshane has ever considered training her neural net to write patterns, and now I want to volunteer to test knit one.

I did in fact cast on for on Dec 1, but only got the first few stitches done. A bit more this morning.

I decided to try with some contrasting for . You’ve got until tomorrow morning to talk me out of it.

Apparently if I wanted the Opal sock yarn calendar I needed to remember that in August.

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