Oh, I am SO looking forward to Lumen being back in full this year.


Found this lurking by the Clay and Glass on my walk tonight:

Eye contact 

New hair, blue hair!

I never wanted to be “blonde” so until my 40s I limited playing with hair colour to just things that would bring out the reddish tones in my natural colour.
Much more recently got talked into aggressively stripping (bleaching) and applying a dark colour. I love the way dark blue takes on my highlighted and now graying dark brunette.

Actually finished the knitting for this in early May. Wore it a couple times just all bundled up, finally got around to a good soak and block this afternoon. Yarn and pattern by @Indigodragonfly , Chameleon in “No Turkey For Me, Said The Dog, Never” and “Impervious” respectively.
I may be planning another. @fiberarts

This is a meal I should make more. Yam-peanut stew. I won’t claim any ethnicity or authenticity to it as my efforts are usually a mashup of recipes and what ingredients are on hand, but this is cheap, hearty, easy, and the ingredients are accessible to much of North America. Mods between totally vegan and fully carnivore all work well!

The Bacon Detection System is on high alert.

Alt: two Siamese cats are staring intently at the photographer, very interested in the contents of a breakfast sandwich wrapper they heard crinkling.

“Clean the Fridge” dinner hash. Pictured: bacon, potato, shallots, asparagus, egg slapped on top, served over a bed of mixed greens and under a slosh of hollandaise.

My afternoon PEBCAK has turned up to nap at me.

Alt: a seal point Siamese cat resting his cheek on the corner of my lap desk and keyboard. The front of his trunk is snuggled into the edge of my lap, where I can still reach over him to the keyboard

Masonry mobilization. The heap of booze-soaked heritage brick I live in is getting some overdue TLC. Needed, but g’bye quiet morning work time for a few weeks.

Image: the bright orange arm and basked of a boom truck over my patio fence, which will soon be extending up 5 stories of warehouse wall above my patio.

I would completely make an exception to my Secondhand Meezers Only rule, should the Universe choose to send me a tiny Naked Void Demon.

Hm I have possibly found a second flavoured cider I consider acceptable.

Still wondering where the heck @brickworks has gone with their mint-basil tho’.

new frames. Same as my computer/working glasses in a 2nd colour.

Any other glasses this shape I'd have turned my nose up at, but these are so novel with the double but minimalist wire frame design - dunno why but I so like them.

The landscapers are here for their seasonal clean-up. Much lawnmower and leaf blowing, and their staging is right by our patio. Mr. Meezer Haz Concerns

Me too, Noodle, me too.

(original image attrib unknown - post a reply if this is your Noodle!)

Pandemic comment 

There is so much confusion in my area, about what constitutes "sick" or "contagious" and are symptoms or tests more significant or significant at all. This simplified graph was a great illustration of why a -ve RAT + symptoms still means isolate, and "recovery" from symptoms but a +ve RAT also means... isolate. Don't spread the cooties, folks, either way.

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