Wandering lost in yarnie Toronto. If I’m not out by 5, please air drop dinner supplies.

I put Black and Cornflower Blue gel food dyes in a pot. This is the result. WTF dye homework project.

And for just some dumb amusement... I loaded a few “games for cats” apps on my tablet.

This was a mistake.

Sudo is now a screen junkie, and not just with this tablet. I’m getting a replacement screen protector under warranty for my phone, as he scratched it trying to grab it out of my hands looking for his mice/fish.

For the record, Belkin’s screen protector warranty includes “the cat did it”.

alcohol, sensible moderate consumption 

selfie, eye contact, coffee 

Clearly concerned I may float up and drift away, Sudo is applying his enhanced personal gravity to hold me down this morning.

hair whining 

“Ok, I still think you’re going to eat me but this cubby is warm and sunshiney and those skritches are kinda ok so I am just glaring warily”.

This is Brasky not taking his calm the fuck down meds (it’s in the food).

I’ve closed Brasky in the bedroom but walled off his usual bolt-holes ( he keeps finding more) so he’s resigned to eyeballing me from a safe distance, mostly out in the open.

Image description: shy grey-pointed blue-eyed cat is warily eyeing me from behind
A column that divides the room

One of my current Pokémon goals is to find a new friend. Anyone I’m not already friended with want to play? 7678 0230 5694

Tour de Fleece touring home from

Alt txt, since my app doesn’t seem to allow adding it: the photos are two views of my current just-for-fun spindle project, which is a gradation through some woolly bumps of blended fibre on my Bosworth mini spindle.

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