Shared from my twit feed, in case I have locals here too:

I want to hear from any queer, trans, racialized and marginalized tweeps and friends about my local municipal and school board candidates. I'm reading what I can find but that's usually only what they put out themselves, and I have the privilege of interacting from within the limits of my middle-aged, cis, white skin. I do not doubt I miss things that others are so much more attuned to.

I want to hear what my community knows about people.

If you can't or aren't comfortable commenting - fire a DM, a link or a subtweet. I'm listening.

@Johannab it's okay if you don't want to disclose, but what area are you talking about? there are a few geographically oriented instances I could potentially point you in the direction of.

@t54r4n1 Thanks - not necessary. That was a shout out to ppl who know where I geographically am in meatspace, regarding our upcoming elections. Not about an instance/virtual community.

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