Okay, I know I come off like an Apple corporate drone/shill buuuuuttt....

Holy shit I just got Airpods Pro and my head imploded into a black hole before I even paired the things.

THIS is what FUNCTIONING noise cancellation does!?!?!?! OMG.

Like no exaggeration, this may make the difference between going back to office work someday vs. quitting my job cuz I can't handle the sensory environment.

@Johannab airpod pros are top of the line for a reason! If you're trying to avoid Apple, there are other choices, but these are good and relatively easy to buy

@Johannab Isn't noise cancellation fantastic?! I need to get some over-the-ear active noise cancellation headphones because I really can't deal with Airpods in my ears all day long (speaking of sensory issues).

@eilatan Oh, that's too bad! I actually have hated earbud-type headphones until right now - again, I sound too Apple-fan-girly, but their design just hits every sweet spot. I have a daith piercing (inner whorl of ear cartilege) and these DO NOT HIT IT. Every other earbud either irritates it or can't fit in in. My husband's set - JBL, I think - is close but the one ear is off enough the NC doesn't quite happen evenly.

@Johannab I really like mine, too (and good to know about the daith, that's my next piercing!), it's just that after about 3 hours I want to *rip* them from my ears.

@eilatan I do too, often, but I'm wondering if part of that is the sensation that they are earplugs, as most just "isolate" from ambient sound by being a barrier. The airpods active cancellation (and easy switch to "conversation boost" mode pass-through) might alter that. I'll have to play a bit more to figure out if that's my beef with them.

Being able to lie in bed with them will also be a test - that's something I also have a bone conduction neckband-type set for, bedtime podcasts.

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