Just came to an interesting realization this week after a deep-tissue physio assessment. Therapist poked a lot of "common trigger points" in upper and lower abdomen, and legs. They LIT UP.

I have "suspected" scarring adhesions from past guts surgeries and c-section. Many of my surficial scars are tied to lower structures.

The ONE trigger point that wasn't painful? Was basically the single laparascopy scar that's mobile. The one I can actually feel where skin is separate from fascia under it.

Was just a funny thing to notice, and another data point that reinforces the chronic core pain I have is at least partly due to scarring. Still no great plan for relief, mostly - I'm going to be a physio frequent flyer until I die.


If I can detach objectively it's kinda cool though. 3/4 laparascopy scars and my c-section clearly pucker inward and "stick" to the fascia or muscle underneath. The one that didn't hurt is flat and smooth, and there IS a "button" I can feel on a deeper layer but it's offset from the surface scar.

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