ugh. the vicarious trauma of various friends&fam who have struggles in life is something I'm usually in a position to... absorb a bit of. you know, deliver a meal, hug, hang out.

CoVid is making the other traumas in life harder on my nears&dears, and the ripple effect of NOT BEING ABLE TO BE USEFUL is creating its own grief.

Sorry to everyone who is let down lately. And sorry, pocket-frens, I'm just spewing here since the nears&dears don't need to deal with my anxieties. I know U know this.

@Johannab this is perfectly valid. A lot of times people who care for others neglect themselves and it becomes increasingly harder to accept that you need to recharge when there is so much you feel you could be doing. Self care is not selfish. You matter. And while I may just be a stranger in the void I appreciate you.

@Jmaurer Thanks! and aww, this isn't even an I-don't-get-self-care thing, it's literally a "I could help my loved ones and I miss them and I want to" but isolation measures still going on mean I CAN'T.
And *that* is making me feel sad/anxious.

@Johannab I get that feeling too. I apologize for misinterpreting your original message.

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