Hummmm... only just noticed that my Mac no longer gets new OS updates, just security patches. High Sierra is the end of my line, I guess. It’s been close to 8 years, I guess, and the revision was about 6 months old when I got it, it’s a “late 2011” vers. purchased q2 2012.

Guess I start saving up my on-call pay for a while.


FWIW, I've gone multiple years without upgrading the OS and it's been fine. The last time I upgraded (El Capitan to Mojave, IIRC), I mostly regretted it. The new OS did nothing for me except break one program I used regularly.

If, like me, you enjoy maximizing the active life of your electronics, you're probably okay with High Sierra for a few more years, especially if you're still getting security updates.

(That assumes there's no must-have in the new OS, of course.)


(Also, disclosure: I mostly use my Mac as a Unix workstation so I may be less dependent on third-party commercial software than most Mac users. So your mileage may vary.)

@suetanvil ah, yes... if I were hardcore into *nix-ish lifestyle I probably wouldn’t care. Hubs is a Linux or die type and likes spending 3 hours of an evening making red hat go on 8 year old gear. But, that’s day job stuff for me and I’m too old and close to being obsolete anyway, when I come home I just want my system to do the things I want to do, I don’t want to have to make things work after a workday of making all the things work.

Hence , I go Mac when I’m in my pyjamas.


I get that. After a while, it has to be at least kind of fun or it's not worth it.

It's still kind of infuriating that something can be physically sound and yet no longer useful, though.

@suetanvil indeed. When it’s time for me to update I’ll either return this to Apples recycling if they do it for Macs, or try to find a classroom or community space that can use donated connectivity and word processing without the best power/memory options.


I'd recommend the latter. Apple will shred it and maybe recycle the remains whereas someone who can keep using it will be able to benefit from the energy that went into its manufacture.

You could also try selling it on EBay or Kijiji and get a couple of hundred bucks out of it as well.

@suetanvil well, I no longer get updates for a couple apps I use regularly now - which is how I noticed, actually. And I can’t play a couple of games I really wanted to and knew that last year, & have been telling myself that not important.

Will see. I have other immediate-future finance priorities, but once those are covered and the annual retirement funds are in... I might decide I really want that game...

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