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There are many johannabs, johannabees, johannab33s and more than that johannas out there. I am a few of them.

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oh wait, chanter's probably not right as the reed is inside. Mizmar is the other word from what I'm thinking of. Back to teh Googlez. Lots of Amazon links for vendors who don't ship to me, and not much else turning up.

World, where could I acquire something like a shawm or basic chanter... I want to practice blowing a double-reed instrument and see if I can even DO that before I look into learning oboe or bassoon...

Most music stores I have access to carry typical, current buy-or-rent student orchestra fare.

Hm, I may have to switch which days are my "fast" days in this 5/2 eating idea... all the good food trucks show up on my current "tea and raw veg" rotations.

If you have irritated skin from sweat/chafing (for instance: you're fat and wearing a skirt and taking walks in hot weather, like me right now): nappy rash cream!

I shall spend the next hour reminding myself 834 times to NOT put on deodorant . And will possible still forget and have to shower right before my mammogram.

Today I realized that #solarpunk stories need to focus on people losing their jobs and respecializing. There are millions of miners worldwide who need to know that learning a new trade is normal and should have a promise, a vision of a good life after that.

Otherwise Solarpunk fails its most important duty: to dream up a better future for everybody, not just for the few of us who were lucky to choose "future-oriented" professions.

alright. cat was going off all night again, so he gets locked in. time to start the terror chase.

Gunmen first attack police post and suicide bomber later detonates explosives in northwestern town of Dera Ismail Khan.… #Asia #Pakistan

aaaaaaand the weather finally got here. Sundown brought thunderstorms, hope it drops this heat/humidity this time. Been nothing but a tease all week.

Clearly concerned I may float up and drift away, Sudo is applying his enhanced personal gravity to hold me down this morning.

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Environment Canada Heat Warning issued for my area through Saturday, maybe sometime Sunday.

July IS trying to kill us.

UI on the CoffeePuter seems to have suffered an update. Nerds confused.


Why is it no matter what other search terms I use, looking for haircuts always turns up Victoria Beckham?

A spaceship landed, and an alien emerged.
"Greetings," it said, "um. We apologise for abducting your leader. We did not notice her coming aboard when we were here last week."
A cat emerged from the spaceship and sat down to clean her paws.
"Here she is," the alien said.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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