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Please submit follow request if you think I'm worth the bother - I'm "locked" only to block nonsense, not Fedizens.

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There are many johannabs, johannabees, johannab33s and more than that johannas out there. I am a few of them.

My kid probably gets way too many instant hot chocolate drinks, just because I find it adorable that she refers to it by brand name, and not only that, but mispronounces it as “nestle Karen-nation”.

I think it might be time to konmari the medical device supplies and accessories.

Midnight, awake for no good reason, contemplating either going downstairs and eating all the cheese or online shopping for shoes I do not need. Talk me down?

eep. just had my biggest credit card bill ever, I think. Good news is it's already paid, because it was expenses I had to run that were owed back to me. Insulin pumps really push the limits.

yay for airmiles?

What *NIX camp are you in? Hopefully this will be big so please boost so we can get as many votes as possible

local pizza joint now advertising Pumpkin Spice Pizza and all I can think is us goddamn white people just need to go away now. WTF.

I am completely enthusiastic and crushingly intimidated about this year's spinning work - final year of a 6-year program, if I can do it.

11 years ago I first walked up to these red doors. This will be my last summer here, at least for Handspinning.

Photo 2: this is the artsy-crafty analogy to Hogwarts’ Great Hall.

Possibly unpopularn handspinning opinion: cotton is Satan's navel lint.

I effin' hate spinning cotton right now.

w00t! Insurance pre-auth is approved, I get my new pancreas in a few weeks!

In a bit over 24 hours I leave for a 4-hour drive to an 8-day fibre arts course, dragging along 6 year old who has 5 days of day camp and 3 days of still vaguely defined care or feral wandering...

I have to fit everything except a kitchen sink in a Yaris. I was hoping to have the last of LAST year's assignments done so I didn't have to tote along a charkha as well but I don't know if I'll make it.

Actually, on second thought, I shouldn't snark about the fix - we're good enough with DICOM that it should be fine, because within our OWN interfaces, if there's a pumpkin to be chucked, we negotiate the chucking of pumpkins. That's the entire point of transfer syntaxes.

Accepting the unexpected pumpkins is the challenge, though, that's outside protocol.

Incidentally , despite root cause being a chucked pumpkin when we agreed to apples, we're fixing OUR system to also handle pumpkins. Yay us, cuz I'm sure that'll propagate perfectly through all the other interfaces too.

OK, I'm kinda proud of this DICOM for laypeople analogy I just came up with.
Problem:user sends stuff through portal, portal forwards it and crashes the system I support. Issue: the sender negotiates one transfer syntax then sends objects defined by another transfer syntax in the batch.

My exp:
The sender said "I have an apple, do you want an apple?" and my app said "Yes please an apple"... and then they chucked a pumpkin at us. Crash. Got it?

Client: "OOOhhhhhh!!!! got it!"

Calendar has now reminded me "362 days to go!" to my epic lifetime vacation.
Now I can't pay attention to anything today.

wtf my knees today! left knee has decided that weigh-bearing is not for it. feels like the joint is full of glass shards when I extend it fully or stand up. ugh.

Please submit follow request if you think I'm worth the bother - I'm "locked" only to block nonsense, not Fedizens.

Dreamed last night I was with a... boyfriend? Spouse? Partner of some sort. Who I couldn't describe in terms of being any recognizable physical person. There was just a someone who was nothing but considerate and attentive to me, and what I needed, with no physical or sexual expectation. Was a very happy pleasing comfortable place. We were just out about and doing stuff, fun, and they were keeping track of me, carrying things, making sure I got enough food & sleep.

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worried that new Old Cat might be sick. He barely ate last night and vomited a couple of times,just fluid with something charcoal-black streaking it. waiting for vet callback.

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