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There are many johannabs, johannabees, johannab33s and more than that johannas out there. I am a few of them.

Wow, just spotted a coyote, or a stray dog that looked AWFULLY like one, running across Belcan Place near Weber. Cc @citywaterloo

And whenever I break this commitment, you have my permission to metaphorically smack me upside the haid!

Dyson vacuum havers/haters: what's good/bad (well, bad, I know, price) about Dyson stick vacs?

I appreciate well-engineered tools, can afford a premium for a premium product, and have destroyed dirt devils and sharks in the past. Very tempted by the Animal V10 range.

my 5-almost-6 year old is having some coping issues, probably 99% normal-for-her-age kid stuff, where she just loses her shit and falls on the floor and wails and tantrums when she can't get her way.

I console myself remembering when she was 2 and first tried to be defiant, threatening that if I didn't do as she wished, she'd put her favourite toys in time-out.

She's a smart kid, she re-thought that tactic very quickly.

Saw the doc about my painful, motion-limited right shoulder and arm this morning. She put me through all the ROM and strength tests that would be usual. Since then, my arm,a nd the right side of my neck and face, are full of tingly and cold patches, wandering about. this is some nerve mess I'm in and I don't even know anymore "where" the pain is.

Neck x-ray and shoulder ultrasound ordered, though.

Tried a Starbucks Juniper Latte. Jury still out. Not horrid, but not sure a holiday coffee should actually taste like a Christmas tree.

I gave a neural net 2,400 Dungeons & Dragons bios to read, and it tried to write some bios of its own.

Good article on listening and our often over-inflated idea of how good we are at it. Superficial in that it doesn't provide coaching in how to develop, but I can recognize myself (good and bad) in this.

Hi Shop, hi ‘verse. Been. Kinda down deep for a couple weeks. Thanks for the cats. How’s things?

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back after two weeks off.

328 unread emails.

*stretches* *pours coffee*

in we goooooo........

Ugh WHY would anyone spin flax singles at 6-10 wpi? Ugly and frustrating assignment. Semi-serious quest’n tho - need to postulate “end use”.

Local politics done and done, again. Looked at birbsite, rest of the world still shit. Gettin’ mah hairz did, checking out kitties on mastodon, picking up some knitting.

Tonight’s supper is Fridge Surprise Smash’n’Bake. My pathetic garden potato haul, few extra mini taters, parboiled and bashed. Tossed with oil and herbs and 5 other leftover and sausage bits, baked on a pan until browned.

Rainy weekend dinners, yay.

Child is driving me to drink - and I have a head cold already & really shouldnt.
Update: 5 is still sucking. I want my lovely toddler back.

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barfy kid last night, so stuck at home not really getting work done today.

Plus husband's company, which requires him to plan his whole year of vacation allowance out by Jan 31, has now requested that he cancel/postpone our vacation that was to start on the 15th, because they can't manage their project times over 9-10 months. high-tech irony there, for sure.

Hm, neat. Taking a second look at the Stella app,Much nicer now - birbspace and Masto side by side, can post to either or both at once.