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Please submit follow request if you think I'm worth the bother - I'm "locked" only to block nonsense, not Fedizens.

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There are many johannabs, johannabees, johannab33s and more than that johannas out there. I am a few of them.

Vacation accomplishment: still scarred by throwing out five KG+ of decades-old herbs and spices a couple years back when cleaning out my dad’s house... so I konmari’d the spice jars/packets/heap we have.

If a middle aged white couple ever finds a need again for garam masala, pretty sure we can spend another toonie and don’t need to keep the stuff from 2008.

Ditto the onion and garlic powders that were so stale I couldn’t tell them apart.

Tradition is just peer pressure from dead people...

To everyone who still makes text-based tutorials, thank you!

I'd much rather follow a text tutorial than wait 15+ minutes for a video tutorial to load.

Your work is very much underappreciated. Thanks again! 💜

Guess it would help if I shared my code. 8230 4368 1760

Hummmm... only just noticed that my Mac no longer gets new OS updates, just security patches. High Sierra is the end of my line, I guess. It’s been close to 8 years, I guess, and the revision was about 6 months old when I got it, it’s a “late 2011” vers. purchased q2 2012.

Guess I start saving up my on-call pay for a while.

Any of my Pokémon pals also playing Wizards Unite? I need a few more friends.

Cocktail invention: Concrete Milkshake. Kahlua, Sambuca, cream/milk, soda, over rocks. Looks like concrete, tastes pretty good.

I put Black and Cornflower Blue gel food dyes in a pot. This is the result. WTF dye homework project.

also I want gyros which will probably not help either issue.

my digestive system feels ungood, and my underwear keeps falling down inside my pants.

HI 'shop and 'verse.
Been overwhelming my psyche back on the tweeters, sorry.

So Canada did some stuff and managed to not dive in to the swirling pit of right-wing populism entirely, but set up some new challenges for the federation. Picked a few good new players, lost a few old guard.

The Beaverton (kindof our home-grown Onion) pretty much said it: "Voters send clear message of “ugh, fine, Trudeau again, I guess”"

Back to work, craft, parent, sleep I guess.

And for just some dumb amusement... I loaded a few “games for cats” apps on my tablet.

This was a mistake.

Sudo is now a screen junkie, and not just with this tablet. I’m getting a replacement screen protector under warranty for my phone, as he scratched it trying to grab it out of my hands looking for his mice/fish.

For the record, Belkin’s screen protector warranty includes “the cat did it”.

Last Saturday improved a bit at dusk, as the fam and I went wandering our uptown neighbourhood's LUMEN festival, an art fest featuring light,sound and tech based, interactive, indoor/outdoor art installations all over town. Kindof like someone took a rave, made it family-friendly, blew it into pieces and dropped bits all over the block.

Sleep talking child is always contrary. Just heard four emphatic “NO”s out of the other room. Can’t recall ever hearing “yeah” or “ okay, mom”.

Today kinda sucks. Can’t focus, no homework done. Anti-Semitic graffiti vandalizing my hood. Then a large and badly injured raccoon dragged itself into my patio & I had to call animal services to humanely end the poor thing rather than watch it die slowly while my 6 year old wanted to name it Sam and know if it was going to come back when it “got better”. And I have a bad feeling the dinner I put in the oven, quite late, is a mess, too. Don’t usually want Saturday do-overs but today could use it

alcohol, sensible moderate consumption 

My kid probably gets way too many instant hot chocolate drinks, just because I find it adorable that she refers to it by brand name, and not only that, but mispronounces it as “nestle Karen-nation”.

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