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johannasarus Rex, the Second.

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There are many johannabs, johannabees, johannab33s and more than that johannas out there. I am a few of them.

*stares at a bug*


*remembers what happened last time i caught a bug*

*files bug report

*hides under a server*

She fluffy, he fuzzy. Rarely close enough that I get them n the same photo.

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Alright. Hubby reading the bedtime stories. I have one of them fancy face mask thingies, a bubble bath and a martini. DON’T TRY TO STOP ME.

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1/3 of my team is off sick today and 1/3 is IN the office but clearly sick. Gonna guess the remaining 3rd of us, two of whom are *injured* will be sick sometime next week if not sooner.

UGH, people. This has been a hell of a winter!

Hello friends! As a reminder, we take reports very seriously, and try to respond to them within 24 hours (there's just too of us, and sometimes we get busy).

Please report! We'd rather have too many than have you uncomfortable in this space. We will enforce our CoC with joy and vigor.

Wasabi with her nose mooshed into her tail, boost if you agree

#dailycatpic #cats #catsofmastodon #mastocats

After getting over a big sick, I have injured my shoulder with a pot roast. Yes. Yet another stupid, debilitating injury. Lifting roast into pot. something in lower neck/upper back goes *snapsnapsnap* and I have had a severe head/face ache and limited use of right arm for DAYS now. Chiropractor yesterday (going to quacks, that is how desperate I am) and RMT today. Lots of painkillers in between. Still barely functioning.

First parent-teacher meetup survived. All in all, my kid's in good shape, no surprises. Any development areas to work on... well, lets just say she takes after both her parents at times.

Fluffybeest had a claim of n the cat tree for an hour or so. Fuzzybeest was scolded several times for not leaving her alone, but eventually pestered her away.

Good very early morning, Shop. Survived the kiddo’s double birthday party day, her actual b-day is weds. Cake went well, kids party was a hit, dinner with all her grandparents &Aunts and she was still running on fumes at 10pm.

Then for no sensible reason whatsoever I was wide awake at 2:10 am, still am. Sleep-talking kid then says to me “mom, you’re going to be too tired in the morning”.

Multiple days’ work for two cakewreckers here. Damn, my kid better have a happy birthday!!!

School violence was always horrifying; Dec 6 1989 burned into my memory exactly what I was doing when 14 women just like me were shot at Ecole Polytechnique, for studying exactly what I was studying.

But since becoming a mom, sheesh, hearing about horrors like that happening to someone's *babies*, at school... it's almost incapacitating just knowing it happened somewhere, out there.

I know it's not to everyone's taste, but rosewater buttercream? I loves it.

I strongly believe that if you are a business owner, CEO, manager, etc. it is your responsibility to society to look after your workers. Compensate them properly, treat them with decency and as equals to you. If you can't or won't do that, you don't deserve power.

my actual cake kinda cakewrecked last night - came out of the oven beautifully, but then sunk in on itself so it's almost a brownie. May need to troubleshoot that...

But the cupcakes from the leftover batter - MWAH!!! I called them the Chocolate Bomber - black magic cake with "B-52" buttercream.

Restaurant review: "The darker atmosphere is perfect for reflection, where I can introspect on my life and future with each dumpling."

ugh. why did I review a slideshow on Alzheimer's disease? That was depressing.