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Please submit follow request if you think I'm worth the bother - I'm "locked" only to block nonsense, not Fedizens.

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There are many johannabs, johannabees, johannab33s and more than that johannas out there. I am a few of them.

ok, hive mind, what's for lunch? This is one of those, don't have time, don't really feel like eating, but should probably have a meal before I faint.

Unfortunately this often ends at the company chips-and-pop dispenser. Not ideal.

Happy Overly Commercial Heteronormative Profiting-off-your-insecurities-based made-up holiday...

But also. Find a luvvy of any configuration that suits you both and give them a hug today. Sure, do it every Friday, but today's a good reminder.

OK, "martian source" entries, sure.

Dammit Jim I'm application support not Linux admin.

I love these days when random new requirements get added to my job one complaint at a time.

I am almost 49, have an IUD, totally the hell done with my breeding years and WHY THE HELL AM I HAVING A TEENAGER-GRADE ACNE OUTBREAK RIGHT NOW.

Stupid hormones. go away.

ohhai, kijiji user I kinda hate you categorically.

No. No, not reducing the price to half of what I asked, which is already less than half of what it costs new, for a nearly-new, still packaged thing.

Follow-up: the manual and google say don't panic over small and temporary flames IN the oven - just the crud burning up.

No flames shooting out of oven, no worries!

OK Google, do I worry when the self-clean cycle turns my oven into a lovely fireplace? 😮

strange dream as I was waking this morning still with me. Dreamed a long-departed Aunt was still with us, ageing and needing to move from her luxurious mansion to assisted care and somehow that was my job to take care of (her husband and 3 kids are still alive?).

her house rather than the beachfront monstrosity she actually once lived in seemed to be a weird mish-mash of a complex that was half-attached to the Fallsview Resort and had a side door on Lundy's Lane. Tourists kept wandering in.

fuck. just popped myself in the mouth trying to get my transmitter unstuck from my arm, under my sleeve without actually having to take my shirt off.

I do not like this part of ageing. I've been conscious for a couple years now that I'm kinda losing my sense of proprioreception. Mis-steps on surfaces I could easily navigate before, grabbing for things and missing, fumbling stuff that used to be "easy" fine motor control.

Any one thing is a stupid little goof, but its piling up.

Interesting, beautiful... and terrifying. Norway is far from the only place affected, but like the Canadian Arctic - it is on the edge. Maybe over the edge, by now.

All passwords are two part authentication if you never remember your password

Count votes on paper ballots. By hand.

a software professional

Monterey Bay Aquarium has an otter cam and right now there is a napping otter sucking its thumb.

Agent found the flight, but for $400 more per passenger than Expedia had it.

so, bah, my 24-hours-in-Zurich-layover looks to be an Expedia phantom only I can see! My travel agent is a bit baffled, BUT is escalating it to look into getting it for us.

And just to share with y'all, my "Expedia Cruise Expert" travel agent highly recommends not booking with Expedia for flights.

I mean, it looks like a fascinating city I could spend at least a week exploring, but also like I could get a 24 hour transit pass and hopefully not kill myself on a hotel bill for the few hours we want to crash for the night... worth it to see the lake, a gallery, lunch, maybe the zoo? I would be there on a Saturday.

Lovely Shop and others wandering the Fediverse... if I have a chance at a 23.5 hour layover in Zurich, for not much more than any other flight, is it worth taking it? I would land in Zurich ~ 8 am, likely need a hotel to flop in evening to next morning, departure would be ~ 7:20 next day.

CBC commute-home radio features a bit called Jill’s Jukebox. Listener requests that fit the hosts theme@of the week. Today they played Angel From Montgomery, the Bonnie Raitt + John Prine version. And I have a top-level tenacity ear worm, a flood of long-forgotten memories from University, and a maddening elusive one about a cover of it I heard after the Leslie Spit Treeo version that I’m sure was another Canadian of the LST era but damned if I can find it. Halp.

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