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There are many johannabs, johannabees, johannab33s and more than that johannas out there. I am a few of them.

Blew off all of the grown up responsible stuff that needed doing today. Well, my own stuff, anyway. Helped a friend who is moving soon. Ran around town with my kid on a futile quest for bagels, ended up at a swimming pool. Then tried to pick up a package, missed the postal counter closing by 5 minutes, and spontaneously decided to buy a ticket for a restaurant sampler crawl. One ticket fed 3 of us well as we walked about 4K all over our Uptown catching sights and shows and treats.

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Discovered the sensibility of the hand distaff or ring distaff today at . Giving myself a little kick in the pants to resume my hobby.

Y’all, do not ever use Groupon+. They monitor every transaction you make with the card you used to sign up, even if it’s not a transaction using a Groupon.

I know because I’m sitting at a restaurant and just got an email from Groupon saying I’d missed out on a deal. They figured out I was at that restaurant by tracking my credit card. I disabled it as soon as I got the email but they must have tracked me for months.


Dear coworkers, it might be a good day just to not speak to me. The nauseau is coming over in waves and I'm a little bitier than usual.

We will resume normal oscillation between existential dread and ennui possibly by mid-next-week.


Happy to see lots of voters brought their kids along, and were explaining everything to them and letting them “help” (carrying the folder to the blind, etc).

Now eating vegan takeout, then ice cream as per rules.

Ontario, , you need to vote today.

If all the "undecided" and "unlikely" voters turned out, the polling industry can be turned on its ear. It COUNTS and it MATTERS and it takes minutes, and the law says your employer is responsible for ensuring you have 3 consecutive work-free hours to do it.

And one of our knitting heroes @kateatherley has declared we can get ice cream after voting!

Look around. What's something beautiful near you right now?

Tomorrow, June 7, election day in Ontario, would have been my mom's 78th birthday. She never missed a vote (usually Liberal). She died a few days before the 2011 fed election, but hadn't been well so *made sure* she had already voted early.


Ok, 6am, I don’t like you, you don’t like me, we have to stop this.

So today in a meeting I watched my colleague, a quiet lawyer, graciously refuse food that was passed round the table. Each latecomer had another go at offering the plate of cake to him. All the thoughts were kind.

I saw in that moment, and in his grace, what it means to him to fast, to be the solitary Muslim in our not-Muslim workplace, to have no one ever remember what time of year it is, to not remember who he is.

I think we can do better.


Ah, diabetic pumper problems.

Just discussing with a colleague how we keep busting our pumps. He just did one in, in kung-fu class.

I've drowned a few, and somehow yoga'd one to death.

Yay for warranty plans.

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Here is an emotive representation of me dying from lack of coffee @warpgate9


Kid, poking a finger into a large air bubble in her bagel: “I found a ghost space!”
Me: “there’s a ghost in your bagel?”
Kid: “no. “
Me: “you have a haunted bagel? With no ghost?”
Kid: “I ate it.”
Me: “you ate the ghost from your haunted bagel? ARE YOU HAUNTED NOW?????”
Kid: “No, but Daddy is.”

5 is keepin’ it weird still.

Procrastinoting: when I really don't want to deal with incoming tickets on a Friday afternoon so suddenly find myself busy making sure there are meticulous updates in all the stale ones I already have.

Society is like soup on the stove

You have to stir it or the scum rises to the top and the bottom gets burned.

Hell is ...


Well, I had to decline the autocorrect to “he’ll is”, but then, this.