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There are many johannabs, johannabees, johannab33s and more than that johannas out there. I am a few of them.

hey FiberArts friends, I suggest we improve the quality of the group feed by not including @fiberarts when we respond to a post, unless that response adds useful content.

for example, if there's discussion of fiber arts topics, including responses is fine. but if Bobo posts a nice photo of the slippers they're crocheting, I'll remove @fiberarts from my reply when I tell them how cute the slippers are.

this way the fiberarts feed will be more appealing, and we won't spam each other! make sense?

twitspace whiplash 

Jeez, twitter today, between Eurovision and another American mass killing has a real “up until the punching it was a real nice party” vibe.

I need a “Zombies! GARDEN!” or maybe “Zombies, TIDY!” App.

Raised my patio umbrella to dust it off and shake out all the hibernating spiders, started raining that instant. Sorry.

Well, sort of. Cleaning the canopy off , at least.

Woke up this morning with part of my mid-back (lower trapezoids?) twitching like crazy. IT'S BEEN INTERMITTENT ALL DAY AND IS DRIVING ME BONKERS.

Okay, I'm gonna need names for these carpenter bees if they're permanently moved in to my patio.

Suggestions? There's a pair that are regularly staging aerial battles, and maybe a 3rd who gets chased away fast (not sure if it's really a 3rd, or one of the first two trying to be sneaky at times and avoid the usual duels).

whoof. warm enough that I'm feeling not entirely well. 30 deg days in May should not be authorized.

If you upgrade every time there's a new release, it is a huge headache.

If you don't upgrade every time there's a new release, it's a much worse headache.

The upgrades will continue until morale improves.

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For all the world seems a perpetual dumpster fire, living in an age where my beepy device in my pocket or on my wrist can tell me “new black hole portrait just dropped” is kinda amazing.

We the ME/CFS crowd are bound to have some strange feelings about the whole Long Covid thing. When you've lived with those symptoms for a decade or several and no one gave a shit and then all of a sudden it's the big news, you can't help feeling betrayed... more so than before

If we had basic minimum income and national healthcare, we'd have more whistleblowers when we needed them.

Nobody should have to choose between their conscience and their livelihood. But here we are!

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The landscapers are here for their seasonal clean-up. Much lawnmower and leaf blowing, and their staging is right by our patio. Mr. Meezer Haz Concerns

Starting Zombies, Run! Again, after hibernating through the winter. In this version, the groaning shambling, decomposing wreck is me, though. (I’m still walking, will see if I can even build back up to starting C25k again)

hrm. probably was not a great idea to get my 2nd shingles vax and start a new med the same evening. IIRC, the first one hit fast, but was also doubled with the pneumo vax.

I felt fine until mid-afternoon, it seemed to take about 18 hours to hit.

On the up side, with fibro and arthritis and stuff anyway, this could be a vax reaction, or could just be... uh, Wednesday.

Me too, Noodle, me too.

(original image attrib unknown - post a reply if this is your Noodle!)

Carpenter bees have warmed up, they're out doin' their hoverin' over the patio, ready to *bonk* at the cats in the windows.

Review with endo doc today. Gonna give another try to a pricey, probably not covered, T2 med to try to get my body to respond better to basal insulin. Part of my out-of-whackiness might be that I'm using too much bolus and correction (and on the other extreme - sugar) because my weight is up and sensitivity down. Which in insulin use, leads to using more insulin, leads to weight going up, sensitivity going down, which leads to more insulin... argh.

Fucking metabolisms

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