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Please submit follow request if you think I'm worth the bother - I'm "locked" only to block nonsense, not Fedizens.

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There are many johannabs, johannabees, johannab33s and more than that johannas out there. I am a few of them.

Though as I think about it, most of the photos of actual looting I’ve seen have been white people 🤔

I found a ton of wasabi soy sauce roasted almonds at the store and they may already be almost gone. NO REGRETS.

stupid weather. All the headache, none of the catharsis.

Storm, dammit! That thunder was promising me A STORM!!!!

Wine, a good book, a bathtub.

Where I went wrong was attempting skin care, too, because a face peel applied before hopping into a bath apparently melts... and drips into the eyes. So I can’t see well enough to read just yet, ow.

Oh well. At least, wine.

I would so dearly love to see this guy get his new boat, and help someone else off the street into his current one.

I dunno why, amidst all the other hard luck stories and crowdfunders I see (some I can support, some not), this one grabs me.

There's just something so basically relateable about "I need help, but I need to help someone even worse off, too".

Disclaimer: I don't know this guy at all, yeah, it could be a total fraud. But he seems ... real.

spider, but cute 

Hey all ya USian friends - stay safe in whatever you celebrate this weekend, mmmm-kay?

We got thru Passover, Easter, Mothers' Day, our anniversary, and Canada's Victoria Day last weekend sticking with distancing and only-essentials protocols. It's still needed.

Get outside, but chat with friends and fam from away or on video. Don't share massive picnic buffets. Be well.

Doh! Nope, looks like I’m gonna shit down for server maintenance.

Opening my island gate for some company. It’s raining on Hogsmeade if you find that useful/appealing. I’ve hear rumours that brings out cool fish but so far I have not benefitted. Hubs has.

@Satsuma sorry I accidentally chatted then dropped you! Went offline or you did while@i was trying to get the chat kbd up.

Do people under 70 refer to an actual cat as a "pussy" in normal conversation nowadays?

Yay, sold the turnips at a 42% increase.

Then the damn game offered my hubs 44%. So it doesn't just follow one number for the island... different residents get slightly better/worse deals?

Ok I think I figured out all my network stuff and I’m going to go ask the Dodo to either open my gate or find me a friend. Anyone playing ACNH right now?

My current turnip price sucks, sorry.

Any animal crossing playing frens here who want to exchange codes? I need more islands to visit, keep missing the couple people I already have.

We have had Brasky, our elderly Francophone PTSD rescue, 10.5 months now. He remains more skittish than any other cat I’ve ever known. But slow steps are still happening, with time and anti-anxiety meds. Last night I caught him in the “bucket” of the cat tree for the first time, as he usually stays in the enclosed boxes. He didn’t bolt when I got closer, and stayed out for a photo.

Dreams last night were so strange and fluid. Obviously a huge amount of latent anxiety playing out... work interfering with my care of family, trying to function socially in an environment where I was an alien, desperate to care for family elders when absolutely no help or resources could be found, even though I could have paid for them. It just sloshed from one to the next to the next. Woke up tired.

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