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Please submit follow request if you think I'm worth the bother - I'm "locked" only to block nonsense, not Fedizens.

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There are many johannabs, johannabees, johannab33s and more than that johannas out there. I am a few of them.

Plus-size linen pants. Can buy in/ship to Canada. Anyone?

How can I feel so tired and still feel like “nothing got done”?

Bought and planted two (small) trees, repositioned the umbrella and weights, threw out some deteriorated planters I won’t use again, helped the kid set up a strawberry stack, tidied more of patio, portioned out some flax seeds to share for planting…. Now so, so sore but feel like I have everything left to do.

Heh. Of course spouse had an old convo archived . My original icq UIN was 7231217. I wonder if I can get back in? 😹

Attempting to consolidate some social and email accounts, and to delete others. After - yikes - over 30 years of online life, this is a stinking trash heap to sort out. And I kinda miss ICQ and may still have an account but no idea of the password or even what email address I would have had back then. Goes back to at least 1997.

Any Fedizens have an apple-ecosystem food&exercise tracker app they like? MFP has become an assault of advertising either for their own enhancements or promoted partners and it's too cumbersome. Don't mind paying for the app, but I also don't want a $60/month "service" either.

48 hrs post-vax, have the very slightest of slight sore spots on my left delt. Like, only noticeable if I put my fingertip on the exact fingertip-sized sore spot. It'll be gone by morning! And Yay, antibodies!

Ontario: very very slightly less fucked up than the worst jurisdictions.

"Who sent you?"
The intruder froze.
"You haven't come to seek gold or glory for yourself," the dragon said.
It was a short, sad, familiar story.
"Do you want to stay," the dragon asked, "with the others?"
The dragon called for his adopted children.
"I hoard family."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

It's been a painful journey of discovery and exacting measurements, but I may, finally, have found a new fridge that'll fit my stupid kitchen.

It'll be here in late July, so we'll have to keep pouring boiling water through the fan every few weeks until then.

Lunch today is fridge surprise.
Heap of leftover greens and shredded veggies.
The last of the week's lunchmeat chopped and tossed in.
An interesting-seeming condiment from some meal subscription leftover - have forgotten which, cannot identify.

Tasty, hopefully I'm just fine here tomorrow.

I'm struggling to see how cryptocurrencies are the answer to anything. NFTs. Whatever.

I can't see anything but a transference of hoarded - and hence, unproductive - wealth from the current "top" 1% to a different 1% who are mostly already 10-12%-ers.

You're just shuffling the same royal flush.

I'm alternating paying a bit into my pension with making sub-$100 charity donations for people who otherwise can't buy food. WTF. AND I AM DOING WELL.

Millenials will sort out what best suits them.

For now, this GenX'er is a bit too busy keeping an inter-Wars parent safe from a pandemic and raising a teeny Z.

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Seriously, someone really thinks calling on GenX to save them from "social media" and "cancel culture" is gonna happen?

It's OUR baby, Boomers, we cut teeth on BBS and Usenet, and unleashed our own minions after that.

Go take a nap in front of your $160/month cable bill, ok?

And I just had to do the walk-to-school-to-get-kid times 1.5 because she realized ALMOST home that she'd lost her hat halfway back.

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How's it goin' tooters/shop denizens?

Here in SW Ontario we're cautiously enjoying Fools' Spring for a day or a few.

Every trillion-dollar corporation, every billionaire, is a failure of humanity.

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