Well, my car only blows hot on one side no matter what the temperature settings are set to and has a crack in the windshield (damn chip and most of the crack was in an impossible to see area, until now). Should be fun figuring out how much this is going to cost me.

Had on the first episode of Loki as background while exercising today (I've seen the whole series), and I love that his little speech to Mobius about people and choices and how they almost always make the wrong one perfectly sets up his feelings about the offer given in the final episode. Of course he'd be sympathetic to the argument for control.

Complaining about what *feels* like fatphobia. 

Like, if someone at the the user weight limit can safely bench 380lbs while on it than someone 100lbs over the limit should be able to bench up to 280. Anyway. Still happy to have it despite that annoyance.

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Complaining about what *feels* like fatphobia. 

I am a little annoyed that this bench’s manual has a user weight limit that is 380lbs below the total bench weight capacity and says don’t use if over the user weight limit. Like…that makes little sense to me? And actually the label on the bench itself more correctly says user + weights must be less than total capacity. Feels like the warning in the manual is just the manufacturer saying “we don’t want responsibility for anyone too fat using this”.

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I don't think it's a coincidence that the happiest time in my life was when I was regularly lifting and walking and there's multiple reasons for that and maybe a chicken and egg debate to be had, but having a space to comfortably write and work out it in feels like it's going to be really good for me.

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Well, my weight bench arrived today. So now I'll need to put it together and figure out where I'm storing it in the available space when not using it, but that was the final piece of me being able to turn my space into being able to do all the things I want to do in it.

So I convinced my kid to finally watch WandaVision with me (he loved Loki, but he wasn't up for WV at the time) and I forgot how much I love the ending of episode three when the aspect ratio changes as our perspective leaves "WandaVision" and the great use of "Daydream Believer".

So how do you know which Mastadon Instances are "federated" with any other particular instance?

Got the new desk chair put together and at the fairly new desk. Got the room better arranged. I may actually have a comfortable place to sit and write and such for the first time in a long time.

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Inspired by the mildly disappointing day I’ve had, I’m thinking of doing a Can You Sign My Tentacle? giveaway. One that especially gives people who don’t live in the US, and even moreso folks in the Caribbean, a chance to get this book.

Raise your hand if you’d be into that?

Keep forgetting I can't do a quote tweet kinda think with the boost function. Just wanted to point out that that last toot I boosted sounds really interesting and I do look forward to sitting down one afternoon and figuring all these things out.

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Whereas Mastodon is a social media / microblogging platform, there are other federated sites that offer different uses.

#PeerTube: like YouTube, an open source replacement for video hosting
#FunkWhale: Like SoundCloud, for music
#Bookwyrm: Like Goodreads
#Pixelfed: like Instagram, offers image galleries

All of these, including Masto, can talk to each other - so you can create an account on a Bookwyrm instance to keep track of your reading, and people on Masto can follow it! 🤯

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So is there a way to combine a selection of local timelines into one timeline? I'm guessing not, but it certainly seems to me like that would be a welcome feature here. I doubt I want to look at the firehose of the entire "federated" timeline, but I'd probably be interested in following several instances at once...

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As someone who lives in what is apparently the third largest known impact crater on earth, I'm always here for talk about meteorites and impacts and such. (Apparently there's some discussion that Sudbury was actually a strike by a comet)

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Huge meteorite strikes, historical 

One of the things I find fascinating about Tunguska vs Chelyabinsk is that in one case it took decades of scientific research and multiple theories to settle on what probably caused it, while in the other we have video footage and the actual meteorite.

But there were eyewitnesses to Tunguska despite its remoteness, and somehow I'd never read their reports before.

Tunguska event - Wikipedia

Hey, you know what else I should toss out here? The most recent thing I wrote. If you've been watching then maybe you'd be interested in why I thought the episode "Defiant Jazz" was so damn good. (spoiler: It's that the big moments were well-earned by the groundwork the show had done establishing the characters) jeffxilon.com/severance-defian

And one more recommendation. ROSEWATER by Tade Thompson. This fantastic afrofuturist book about an alien invasion like no other is a multiple award winner for a reason. Highly recommended! libro.fm/audiobooks/9781549170

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They've got some classics like Octavia Butler's KINDRED too! I haven't read it before. This seems like a pretty good reason to fix that. libro.fm/audiobooks/9781436116

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