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At some point in time, long ago, I vaguely remember thinking volunteering to judge a book contest would be a good idea? I've judged high school journalism contests in the past and those were always bad ideas. Maybe novella contests are better?

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I took my 13 year old and a friend to a Panic! at the Disco concert last night, and wow, I am old. Like it was a really good show - I just didn't recognize most of the noncovers.

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I wanna hug you like an animal
I wanna cuddle you on the outside
I wanna hug you like an animal
My whole existence is clawed
You have beans on your paws

The Book Prize is looking for a new sponsor. I'm rooting for the Taxslayer Booker Prize, but I guess that's why it took them so long to include Americans.


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Latest reading adventure - the space opera I just started has a planet called Nickleback. The characters decide it's not a good place to land their spaceship and that's it, but I'm feeling like maybe this isn't my kind of book. It doesn't help our county fair has Nickleback booked for this summer, so maybe it's just too soon for me.

I've heard such good things about The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang that I was prepping to be let down a smidge (I'm super picky about contemporaries, and premise of genderbent Pretty Woman wasn't an automatic sell for me.) It was that good though - good balance of sweetness and drama and I really love both leads.

My other DNF this weekend has a heroine who wears a sexy Gandalf costume for Halloween to prove how stupid sexy costumes are. I think I'm too old for that much irony.

I started reading a book I've heard decent things about. Page 1 heroine gets to the airport. Page ~25, her and hero are getting on a plane. I start looking ahead and they get off the plane on page 101. This book has 307 pages. I love a good trapped together story, but I'm thinking this one isn't my thing.

O was late to work because I was trying to finish , and now I just finished at work (slow week.) It was a really fun adventure, and I'm still trying to figure out what it's saying about technomagical capitalism.

I got an extension on Firefox that keeps Facebook information off other sites. So now I have to use Chrome to use sites with my Facebook login. I know I'm doing privacy settings wrong.

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I feel like sometimes I think I'm not THAT stressed, then I realized I've chimed in on two arguments on the Romance FB Group and am thinking of a scathing but not so scathing I get kicked out retort, and maybe there's stuff in my life I process.

I've rescued a baby possum and have a cake in the oven and it's not quite 8am. I'm a superhero.

Free comic book day did not involve any comics about cats, so my 8 year old can't be bothered. They'd better be working on a new volume of Catstronauts.

I Algorithms of Oppression by Safiya Noble and My Once and Future Duke by Caroline Linden. I'm really liking both so far. Recently finished Children of Blood and Bone and Death's Dancer by Jasmine Silver, which is explaining why I don't have any laundry done.

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