Hello Lovely Peeps!

I miss you all - but it's been difficult to be online much in any capacity lately. πŸ™

Can't cope with emails either, so have moved all 6000+ of them into a temp holding folder and will deal with them someday. βœ…

We'll see how well I do, starting with an empty inbox (that already has four new messages in it as I write this. *sigh*) - I'm hoping I can keep up!

Wishing you all well & not-too-overwhelmed. πŸ’›

Bonjour, Lovely Peeps!

Does anyone have any connection to Montreal, Canada? I have a chance to visit there next month & am looking for recommendations!

As I always ask anyone wherever I go: What is your favourite thing about your city? What are you most proud of? Please tell me!

It doesn't have to be anything big or flashy. It could be a favourite hole-in-the-wall diner, secret sanctuary spot in a local park, anything at all.

Merci beaucoup! πŸ™

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"Obviously," professor Tinkertemps said, "you can only change the past once."
He looked at the audience.
"Once, then the future in which you will have made that change expires. Um... I was nervous about this talk. I wonder how my future self arranged to have you all be naked."
#MicroFiction #SmallStories

Also, I just remembered - I know one person who, before distributing food, would also make homemade challah for each person & include it with the delivery (always loved that about her!)


I think small jars of homemade jam could be included as part of the firstfruits of the season, but that wouldn't otherwise last until the fall ceremony.

All thoughts, ideas, and advice welcome!

Thank you, Lovely Peeps! πŸ™

May you be well today. Know I am cheering you on. πŸ’ͺ πŸ’›

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I'm trying to think specific not general/anon giving (such as to a ) & the idea we are our 'brother's keeper'.

I know the *actual* distribution would be anonymous except to the elders/deacons handing the details (Tom won't know Mary gave him a tomato & vice versa) but would like to create the feeling that one is helped because someone within their small community *specifically cares* about *them* being fed.

Thank you! πŸ™

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Lovely Peeps, esp those of you of any / denomination: does your place of worship celebrate a festival?

If so, what parts (hymns / psalms / rituals / other) are most meaningful? Why?

Do you distribute the food w/i the congregation? (As opposed to foodbank donation.) How to choose the recipients & do so sensitively?

Also, any thoughts/advice welcome, but am esp thinking of fresh produce; that those with gardens giving their firstfruits to those in the congregation in need.

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Y'all! I just ran into an answer to the "I haven't seen that pride flag before, What does it mean?" situation :) prideflags.org/
is a project attemping to let you sort flags by incuded colours :) They're trying to include as many flags as possible, and it's an open project that can be contributed to!

🚨 PSA for anyone interested, either as a caller or the one called, with BeMyEyes.com:

It's a free app that connects / low-vision peeps w sighted for visual help thru a live (I think one-way) video call.

It's not hard! All my calls have lasted *maybe* a minute & have been to verify an expiry date, or a setting on a washer or alarm clock

You only have a few seconds to answer a call or it goes to the next in line.

Any questions, please ask, but it's been πŸ‘ for me

Hello Lovely Peeps!

Apparently it is Friday - really? I had no idea. I'm eyeballs-deep in an editing job, which is fun, but hard on the head, so am just popping in for a wee break.

Found this in my files & thought appropriate to share today.

Write music, my friends. Always write music & may your heart sing. πŸ’›

For me, my choices were:

Orange / speak every language? - OH *YES*

Blue / record perfectly *at will*? - Be able to memorise favourite books & music? YES

Green / identify emotions of others? Something I try hard to do anyway, & if something could help? YES

The others - to me, most seem problematic if permanent. 😬

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For everyone who played along - thank you! It was fun!

One thing I most liked about this particular version is that it really does offer something for everyone.

Yes, some are meant to be funny, and some are definitely (in my mind) Monkey's Paw curses (!) - but most can be seen as poignant & deeply yearned for by the right person.

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I already know my choice, but I'm going to hold off for a while to give everyone else a chance to ponder on their own. πŸ˜‡

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Good morning, Lovely Peeps!

A bit of fun from the bird site. (Artwork unknown, but text by @ThisIsJimTait)

You can only choose 3 potions & the effects are permanent

A few creator clarifications:

Black incl "no facial hair at all" as an ideal beard for those people that is ideal for

Purple is "anywhere with the facilities for planes to land, take off, & be maintained. You can take anything you are personally carrying. Meant so you can go to almost any major city, but not to just any building

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The mixedness of modern life is probably nothing new, but my personal good day today and the horrors unfolding on so many areas around me are beyond my ability to parse.

How do we live in the thick of it while working to make it better?

(I know: I need to take the advice attributed to Banksy and rest when I'm tired.)

Be brave. Be careful. Be glorious. Become rested. Take the times for what you can make them be, as you're able. Have such hope as you can.

Lovely Peeps - it doesn't seem it's going to *exactly* work out - but possibly some shorter variation may happen and while I won't know for a while (so please keep praying/petitioning!) even just the *hope* is LOVELY. πŸ™

It is also making me think "See? There are good people in the world. *Kind* people. You've been here before & you know good things come from good people. It will be fine" πŸ’›

Hugs & much love, Everyone. Good night to you all & pleasant dreams. ✨

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Lovely Peeps, if any of you are praying sorts, have fingers & toes to cross, have sage to burn, experienced at petitioning the universe, or just have good wishes to send, could you please do so for me?

I have a chance at a month's holiday / house-sitting / gardening water gig, and for my health, I am wishing HARD for it.

I know it's probably a long shot ... but, if I could be blessed like that ... oh *my* it would help a lot.

Thank you. πŸ™

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"Where can I see the fair folk?" the artist said.
"Why?" said the witch.
"To paint the most beautiful people."
"If you're skilled, you already can. They're not 'beautiful', they just make you see their beauty, be they fat or thin, hale or hobbling."
"Yes. I want to learn to see."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

@edebill , @vwbusguy

Because your two posts were next to one another on my timeline, I noticed, but I'm not sure either of you did (we're all on different instances, including the original retweeter & I'm not sure who sees what), so I'm playing matchmaker.

Erik, Scott is looking for Mastodon - anyone interested in .

And Erik - excellent garden report! It sounds very promising! πŸŽ‰

I just saw a blue butterfly!! 🀩

It wasn't very big, with plain triangular wings, pale on the underside, deep cornflower blue above - but I've never seen a blue butterfly in real life before!!

Sorry, no photo (no camera or phone), but still - Wow! πŸ’™

Lovely Peeps, it's a new week, almost a new month & I wish us all well for both of them. πŸ™

I keep thinking about favourite poems & , and this is one by @mattdovey.


Special thanks to
for also including a link at the top of the page for an audio version.

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