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Stargate: SG-1 

@Jo I remember that one.

@Canageek I want an aquatic tour bus to be for fish and marine life to tour the land. Like there is a family of cuttlefish traveling with their children. Two elderly porpoises taking photos. Tropical fish on a "school" trip.

@tty I have a very similar mindset. It is something I personally struggle with as it leads to me being talked over quite often. It often leads to people not fully listening to the opinion I wanted to share and I shut down and end up withdrawing from conversations I would otherwise be really interested in.

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Do you still wear your mask?

Please boost i wanna get more people to vote

@vicorva the original or the remake? You can get the remake with 2 and 3 so it's a very good bargain for the amount of content.

@nonphatic as a person who wears scarves regardless of weather I feel this conversation.

@rockario I hated that movie but I'm fairly certain there is a scene where the character meets their father and he basically tears down the philosophy as being stupid and limiting. It was as I saw it the start of the characters turning point in their arc to a less horrible pile of s***. Again hated the movie and not defending it. And I agree many people took that philosophy and ran with it.


@WizardOfDocs if I can be counted among those individuals I miss you too.

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@jfml 🪐 there are 5.6834×10^26 cool things about Saturn and its system!!

Enceladus is a cryovolcanic moon with an underground ocean of liquid water and ammonium beneath an icy crust. Its volcanic vents called sulci erupt ice particles fast enough to escape the moon’s gravity. The material ends up orbiting Saturn, and is confined into the faint E-ring by the shepherd moon Prometheus.

This material then builds up on the moon Tethys and its trojan moons Telesto and Calypsi, and Helene and Polydeuces which are trojan moons of Diona. These are the only four known trojan moons, which are locked into stable orbits at the L4 and L5 points ahead and behind their parent bodies in the same orbit, only seen (in moons) in the Saturn system.

Another moon responsible for the existence of a ring is Phoebe, a very strange moon. It has a retrograde orbit, orbiting Saturn the opposite direction of its rotation. It must therefore be a captured moon. Meteorite impacts on Phoebe scatter material off of its surface which forms the very faint and very large Phoebe ring. This ring overwhelmingly dwarfs all other rings and is the only one with inclination not matching Saturn’s equator. Instead it is in line with Saturn’s orbital plane around the sun. The ring is also very wide, contrasting with the very thin size of all other rings. This is because it matches the vertical boundaries of Phoebe’s 5° orbital inclination. Like Phoebe, the ring is in a retrograde orbit, unlike all the others.

On the inner edge of the Phoebe ring is Iapetus, a moon whose surface is half-icy and half-dark. It is thought that the leading dark hemisphere collects dark material from the Phoebe ring.

Another interesting thing about Iapetus is its equatorial ridge, a strange mountain feature present only on three moons and only in the Saturn system. It is thought that Iapetus, Pan, and Atlas have these equatorial ridges because they collect ring material along their equators. But Iapetus is distant from the main rings, it’s possible that the 12km high mountains along its equator are the remains of a ring system that used to orbit Iapetus itself. This would make it the only moon besides Rhea (also a Saturnian moon) suspected to have once had rings.

Rhea is suspected to have rings because of anomalies detected in Saturn’s magnetic field consistently at certain altitudes from Rhea. However no up close image of Rhea confirmed any visual existence of rings, leaving the mystery unsolved for now.

Prometheus and Pandora have chaotic orbits, staying within certain boundaries but with their exact position at any time unpredictable.

Hyperion is the only moon in the entire solar system which is not tidally locked to its parent body (with one hemisphere always facing the planet).

Titan would require a whole infodump of its own.

@WizardOfDocs @Canageek that seems fun. I wish I had more time to practice building cool stuff in minecraft. But alas not. Maybe one day.

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Talked to a lady who works for the tax authority yesterday. Based on her job experience, her take on the welfare state is something like this:
"Of course there will always be freeloaders. So what?! This is about dignity. Everyone has a right to a good life and to be supported when they're struggling. If you want that, you've got to live with the freeloaders. Leave them be. That's the price you pay for a society where everyone is taken care of. It's not like they're doing any damage in the big picture - I've run those numbers more than once. You'll always get more out of it for society at large when you're incentivising good performance than when you're punishing people."

@anarchiv I had a conversation with a co worker earlier this week that was similar to this. I had a similar point of view of the woman in your post. My coworker was we shall say less inclined to look past the "bad apples" for such a system.


The library is an underutilized gem of modern society.

@Taweret the issue is that evil does not preclude you from having friends. So evil tends to have the power of friendship and money.

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