US COVID (+) (vaccination) 

US pol (riot) 

Ph (-), pain 

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You can be a boy in a dress and also be gross as fuck and have no manners!!! :yell: 🗑️ ✨
fuck it!!!

#art #mastoart

Tech grumble 

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MH (-) 

Pet health 

COVID business casualty 

Strange event 

Lunch dilemma 

Work, dnd 

I just realized the difference between technology ghosts and gremlins. Ghosts cause software issues, gremlins cause hardware ones.

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noelle stevenson just put out a comic about being nonbinary & getting top surgery. its really good, you can download it for free here

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As a reminder: Round-trip Desert Bus for Hope service from Tucson, AZ to Las Vegas, NV begins in approximately 40 minutes.


10 hours... I can make it 10 hours. I got this. I'm a big well adjusted adult who woke up on time and put on pants. I can do this.

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