ðis update signifikantly so ðat ỽe can use ðe dotʼed consonant ċ/ṡ/ẋ/ỽ̇/ż/ȝ̇ (ỽ̇itċ; suspiċion; ṡare; conʼeẋion; ażure) but also yad som very esʼenċial letr like ð/ỽ

þere AR ru͜lest for evryþiŋ i do here but i'm not te͜liŋ þem

oþrỽis þere ar just a LOTst of consonantst saumtimest okay

u: blaȝ blaȝ zalgo blaȝ
i: acċuly þis ar just hoỽ i ỽrite my Eŋliṡ

cu͜rently ỽondriŋ if usiŋ undrtiest as ṡorte·hand for doubl conso͜nantst ar Tỽ Far or

ar compyutrst as gỽd at bulshit laŋuage detectyonst as human beïŋst þo

i do wondre as ƕat laŋuagest mastodon categgorizes þese tỽtst

bycos Eŋlish ar granted probably closest but only like halffst of þese ỽordst ar actyuly conventyonal Eŋlish ỽordst

i just realizet þat my usernamest here ar 25600 ƕich make senssest given 30 ar ỽn fourþst of 120 but stil 256 ar a gỽd numberst

been feeliŋ very weiȝt doỽn by deadlinest ⁊ obligatyonst lately ⁊ ire not entirely syur ƕy

ỽn advantagèst þis ackount has ovre my oþre ỽnst ar i cant churn out hot takest nearly as fast like first i gotta do þe shortcutst a get þe specyal caractrest ⁊ þen i gotta chec þe etymology of saum random ỽordst ⁊ by þat pointst yar like ar it even ỽorþ it anymore

i havent given up on þis "st" ideast

just stick it evryƕere tbh

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