When will my home instance be released from cyber prison

I just got to describe how 3 of my four mecha protagonists sleep and personally I find it highly amusing.

One time in college, I asked Stephen Graham Jones, a Blackfeet indigenous author, what his preferred snacks for writing time were. He replied that he had formerly eaten a lot of junk food but was mostly just drinking tea nowadays.

He seemed pretty delighted to answer, lol. I treasure that memory and the signed book I got.

I struggled through my laptop waking up slowly, installing Libreoffice slowly, and just working slowly in general, but I wrote five pages!

Patience Alexander can hit TWO invisible targets, turns out.

“Can Patience Alexander hit an invisible target?”

Hello shop. I bring you this photograph of toy robots because I have started writing a story about them.

I skipped drafting a chapter or whatever of this story this week because I am sad. I basically got dumped yesterday so I’m just not gonna. And that’s ok.

If fedi ever gets to read this book, I know exactly which characters y’all are gonna lose it over.

Ok too sleepy. Finish drafting this chapter next week.

Ahhhh dangit the coffee shop is really full and somebody’s using the counter I like to use and this bench is wobbly


Whew, drafting that chapter was a chore. But it’s done.

Time for Chinese food.

I only drafted half a chapter this week, but in my defense...nobody is paying me, I’m not on a deadline, the coffee shop was kinda loud (and my usual place was once again occupied), and the brain I have don’t always work so good.

Oh they left, thank goodness. Feels so unnatural do write on a couch.

There are people sitting next to the spot i normally sit at here at the coffee shop, and this should be illegal.

This moose plushy and this hot chocolate with the works are my drafting companions today.

Neopronouns are fun and interesting to write with, if challenging.

Any writer who has ever used human genders and gender roles for true aliens is a coward.

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