On the plus side, I can feel my stress levels declining already - there might even be wordage this afternoon! *gasp*

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Crap week ends in style with a taxi ride to the vet for kitty. Result: cat bite abscess on his face from last weekend's fight. If I find the ginger/white thug wot did it, I'm sending it the bill!

I'd declared November the month of Getting Shit Done, and I feel like I've not done shit instead. You have to laugh, right?

And pressed return too soon. Gah. Can I have a do-over please?

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Feel like this week has been wasted on the writing front. Poorly kitty, insomnia, stress

Slowly finding my way around this place, feeling like a late arrival at a party. Occasionally bumping into people I know.

My is THE DRAGON HOUSE, the final part of my Wild Hunt Quartet epic fantasy series. Illness has been kicking my butt with this book, but I have tea and a comfy chair, and I'm going in!

Hello! Seeing some familiar faces here, but for those that don't know me, an : I'm a fantasy writer, cat-herder and sword-fancier from the UK, and I'm very pleased to meet you all.

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