In further adventures at the zoo, this Bolivian Squirrel Monkey was utterly adorable.

Still slowly making my way through all the photos I took at the zoo on the weekend.

Here's a cheetah looking stylish.

@katwylder My in-laws handed over a leaf as soon as we got back to their place. 😊

@katwylder Just under 24 hours later and it's still an angry red. This one is going to need lots of love to recover properly.

It's taking me forever to process all the photos I took at the zoo yesterday, but here's one of a red panda snoozing high up.

I spent four hours at the zoo this afternoon and am subsequently exhausted and sunburnt.

(Kinda counting it a win that I managed to get this far into the season before my first sunburn.)

@klara An exhibit on sunken Egyptian cities sounds amazing!

I hope you had a lovely time. It certainly sounds as if it was delightful.


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