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Since it has been a few years since I was last here, time for an .

I am a freelance editor, specialising in SF/F. I review on my own blog (Earl Grey Editing) and for the Hugo-award-winning Nerds of a Feather.

I live in Australia, have two dogs and enjoy natural history. I'm in the middle of two tabletop campaigns: one of Blades in the Dark (smuggling crew) and one of Gloomhaven.

A #ttrpg itch io bundle is being assembled to benefit Black Love Resists in Rust, a Buffalo based organization, and is looking for submissions. Instructions are in this tweet:

Any bird-related hashtags similar to I should know about? (Beyond, presumably, )

Season report: so many mushrooms! (Thanks, La Nina)

I've spotted an alarming number of poisonous mushrooms in the area, including quite a few Death Caps, as well as this Fly Agaric and its friends.

Kind of appropriate for a Friday 13th, though.

given that players in a pen-and-paper combat sim can communicate freely outside the game's time structure, from the point of view of their enemies they're effectively a hivemind

Season Report: rain and mist. Piles of brown leaves. A good day for getting cosy with my planner and a book.

Today I am grateful for heat packs. My shoulders feel like they're made of concrete.

Today's Brewing Community interview is with Tansy Rayner Roberts (@tansyrr), writer of cosy and mysteries, co-host of the Verity podcast, and one-third of Galactic Suburbia.

Macquarie University, the Australia Council for the Arts and the Copyright Agency have launched a national survey of Australian authors. To complete the survey, visit:

The survey will remain open until 27 May 2022.

Just learned about the tag #lichenSubscribe, so good!
So here’s the ones I know, if you are into plants, fungi and symbioses of the two:
- #florespondence
- #mosstodon
- #sporespondence
- #lichenSubscribe
- I’ve used #veggiespondence for gardening before but not sure if that’s widely used

Any others?

Best not to think too much about why the grass in front of the police forensics facility has such a thriving mushroom patch

#florespondence #FungiOfTheDay

Please, authors, for the love of all that's holy, include your pronouns in the bios on your social media accounts, websites and books. It makes your reviewers' lives a lot easier.

The urge to procrastinate is strong today. Figuring out the shape of a review and getting the first words on the page is always the hardest bit for me.

Delighted to discover Word doesn't flag whatshisface as a spelling error. 😂

Morning, everyone. How is your day (or night) looking?

Every six months or so for the past several years, I've been doing a thread on Fedi about where to buy ebooks other than Amazon. It finally occurred to me that I could write it once, put it up on website, and update as needed, rather than constantly reinventing the wheel.

So, here we are. (And in spite of the title, this isn't JUST about eBooks)

(Please share your own links in replies, I'll add them to the list as I have spoons.)

Managed to drop a tin of my favourite Earl Grey today and spilled most of it. :sob:

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