The summer house (remember that?) finally has a floor! It's an irregular pentagon if you're trying to work it out.


Cheese toastie / French toast crossover. You saw it here first...

Ok, now it's chosen "take me to the clouds above" by LMC Vs U2. Which I like a lot, despite myself. More than "with or without you" tbh...

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"The Gift" by Way Out West remains a masterpiece of EDM. That is all.

I am waking up to "what else is there?" by RΓΆyksopp.

"It was me on that road,
but you couldn't see me"


Breaking: Might have eggs for breakfast

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carbonara is actually what you call it when you carbonate your pasta sauce

What are those twitter accounts that tweet stream of consciousness stuff like "cheese is nature's flower" and "my bf got peng lungs" and have 174.3k followers actually about? I cannot understand it - am I just old?

I particularly like the "Mary Smith has been awarded US Brain Surgeon of the year award for the 5th year running" with the "Wow and your so pretty i never new brain surgeons had great boobs" replies. It's like the 1950s in a web site.

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LinkedIn makes me laugh, in between the "I became the leader I am today by eating concrete, sleeping minus 5 hours a night and using people like kleenex" are the "Don't put work before your own mental health 😱 !" posts. It's just tripe.

Just upgraded to Jammy Jellyfish. How's your day going?

Hung out with some NTs today and managed to maintain eye contact when they looked at me instead of looking away immediately, so think I actually built rapport, whilst simultaneously screaming inside. πŸ‘οΈπŸ‘οΈ

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Fi a Jess wedi cyfarfod Mari a @davidoclubb ( o @afallen ) heddiw am sgwrs am

Jess and I met Mari & Dave for a coffee to talk about cylchgar

It's a bi-lingual circular economy website for Carmarthenshire County

- an open source map of resources
- a search powered by Used and Loved

Next steps include research around user needs and colaboration with the county's eto initiative.
And product categorisation on the search results page.


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