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Did a beach clean up this morning, yoga after lunch, and now trending towards nap.

If only my almost threenager wanted to take one too...

Also someone should take away my work phone because I randomly texted a coworker what buzzed me thought was funny/witty/cool and sober me is embarrassed but pretty certain more texting right now would just make it so. much. worse.

I do want to know when my cool vs awkward levels peaked, because I must have been cool at some point for people to continue to invite me to these things.

Or maybe they are just being exceedingly (and misguidedly) nice.

Happy hour was interesting but I also basically don't want to have to talk to anyone for the entire rest of the weekend.

I was way too awkward on so many levels with so many people today.


This week has mostly just been one big tired headache at work but now... Happy hour!

I realized on my drive home today that I'm irrationally really angry this week at some coworkers for admitting they are looking for new jobs. We've been joking about it for months now with each new 🔥 but I just wasn't finding it funny today, knowing the truth of it.

I know we are in a crappy situation, so I can't blame them. I don't know if it is going to get better, but I know if any one of them leave it will definitely get worse.


So one coworker called out sick today. Another wandered by to talk about how miserable she was feeling. Then, while I was visiting a third coworker at his desk to get his signature he lamented that he had a sore throat and was going home early.

I chugged some vitamin C but already lamented to a coworker in another part of the building that they'll need to put those of us in my area under quarantine soon.


I'm back.

Well, actually... I've been lurking for a few days missing you people.


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Kids asleep, yoga done, and for the first time in weeks... nothing that needs to be done, so... reading time, yay!

Current book is for my local bookclub pick for the month, which is the short story collection "The Best of Richard Matheson."

I love short stories, and I love anthologies, but the length on some of these ones has sometimes frustrated me into wanting more (usually) or less (very occasionally).

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Please consider this: you have choices all day long about how you treat people. Every interaction can be kind, or it can be cruel, and the choice you make will have an effect on people you’ll never meet. Make a choice that you’ll feel good about.

In the boarding area, Dumbo is HAPPENING.

Got in line for Dumbo, two year old wanted to ride carousel first.

Rode carousel.

Got in line for Dumbo, two year old was hungry.

Obtained snacks.

Now in line for Dumbo. This is happening this time, even if only by sheer force of my will.

We went to the local water park today. I got sunburnt (surprise!).

Feeling rather sore from all the swimming/floating/chasing after toddler, I took it easy with yoga tonight, and oof it felt good.


We are braving Disney tomorrow.

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You are all beautiful. 💖

Every. Single. Last. One.

Drinking and making snarky ridiculous dares to my husband as he plays Skyrim. Wild Friday nights.

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🎉 And just like that, two thirds of a year later, I'm still here and tooting my 1001 post in the Shop!

This place is really one of the better places on the internet.

I am grateful for all you good people I've met here. Good people who've shared their stories (struggles, joys) and that have somehow stuck around to read and participate in mine.

You've enriched my life.

To the next thousand toots! 🎉