Anyone know where I can buy those 'CAUTION: FRAGILE' stickers so I can start putting one on my forehead each morning and maybe avoid the general snotty comments about how well I seem to be coping with everything right now?

I am not doing terrible or anything... just not as great as my antidepressants and therapy may make my outward appearance seem.

I'm glad this work week is over.

It's not every day that I can say that a work meeting was interrupted by a family of raccoons.

But today is not every day. Behold the cute!

Someone I love is in the hospital and I can't do anything, work was a 🔥🔥🔥 all week, and I'm just burnt out on everything.

So I'm making myself a blanket pillow fort in bed, have lured a cat for cuddles, and am ignoring everything I should do to read more Murderbot.

Today was trending towards kinda great and then it was definitely not.

Well, it was nice while it lasted.

For the record, I made an executive decision tonight that she'll be Marty McFly on Friday because Back to the Future may be the one 80s movie set she had actually watched with her dad.

But ugh for the other days because I do not have disco or 80s stuff.

So my daughter's school has uniforms, except this week is spirit week! and she can wear something else! as long as it fits in the theme that day!

And I am already dissolving into a puddle of stress about this because who has the time for this?!? But if we don't do it she'll be the kid in her uniform with lame parents, right?

We have tomorrow figured out (future career day, she wants to be a vet), but then it is disco and then 80s day and then 80s movie day.


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Remember, it's okay to turn off the news for a bit.

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Just finished my book club's pick for the month (Victor LaValle's The Ballad of Black Tom, and I may have nightmares but OK, I loved it) and just got Martha Wells' Exit Strategy downloaded onto my Kindle.

It may be a kinda crappy week at work, but it is looking like a good book one. 🤓

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Started yet another med this morning. I'm feeling old.

Better living through chemistry, though, I guess?

Work conference was good, overall.

But it used up a huge part of my social energy, I think.

Which mostly means that I am suffering another bout of self doubt about how some co-workers must dislike me both professionally and personally.

I'm glad it is the weekend.

I'm also ready for a break from bad office vibes.

I like my job, my projects, my coworkers. I'm just tired and there is no real let up in sight so I'm taking these days and appreciating them as the gift they are.

And then I have 6+ hours of meetings when I get back Thursday.

My husband made the mistake last night of asking if I'd looked at the conference schedule and after 20 minutes of me having about data visualization for review and quality measures he slowly backed out of the room.

So yeah. I'm ready to get my professional nerd on, woo!

In Washington for a work conference this week. I am still shocked at how easy flying is (solo vs with kids). It was luxurious.

And I get to hang out with my baby niece (and my sister and parents) tonight, woo hoo!

Just smashed a fly in midair with a one hand grab, and I'm pretty sure this means I have super powers now.

Also, bug guts on my hand. 🙄

Did a beach clean up this morning, yoga after lunch, and now trending towards nap.

If only my almost threenager wanted to take one too...

Also someone should take away my work phone because I randomly texted a coworker what buzzed me thought was funny/witty/cool and sober me is embarrassed but pretty certain more texting right now would just make it so. much. worse.

I do want to know when my cool vs awkward levels peaked, because I must have been cool at some point for people to continue to invite me to these things.

Or maybe they are just being exceedingly (and misguidedly) nice.

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