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So totally not on the same level as the fictional Haden's syndrome, but I still remember when a dermatologist cautiously approached me about doing a cosmetic procedure to remove a facial birthmark I have, because in her opinion I must think it is terrible, right?

I calmly asked her what I'd be left with (a giant scar) and said no thanks.

My birthmark is part of me, thanks. If anything, I have my birthmark to thank for immediately screening out anyone who judges me on looks pretty quickly.

Finished "Red Seas, Red Skies" yesterday (and still mourning the loss of a character ๐Ÿ˜ญ), and started Lock In by John Scalzi.

By this point, I shouldn't be surprised when I find myself totally delighted and engaged with a Scalzi book, but again I am.

It is worth noting that I've already broken this vow in multiple ways. Book I pre-ordered? That's ok. Book related to my line of work/as a reference? ok. Books for book club? Ok.

It has been two and a half months guys.

It occurs to me that I may have a problem.

And that problem is... Not enough time to read ALL THE THINGS. (Too many books? Meh.)

Just realized that my vow of buying no new books until LA Festival of Books means that I'd also have to make it thru WonderCon this weekend not buying any books.

Heh. Good luck to me. ๐Ÿ˜‘

Oh oh oh and remember how it was a bit sad and awkward when I left my last job right after layoffs because I thought I was in the layoff group and the place was stressing me out?

Well, I went to happy hour on Friday with a few old co-workers BUT then my former boss and her boss showed up BUT then we ended up talking for hours AND going to fancy sushi where my old boss's boss knew the chef who he gave us a giant bottle of sake for free and it was basically the most BIZARRE NIGHT OF MY LIFE.

In other news, I'm most definitely not getting thru my reading list the way I hoped I would this last month.

Currently listening to Red Seas, Red Skies by Scott Lynch. And loving it.

About halfway thru reading Borne by Jeff VanderMeer. It is getting creepy, but maybe in a good way? I tried explaining it to my husband last night and he just "yes dear"ed me.

My in-laws were maybe going to watch the kids which I had been hoping meant yes but knew probably meant no. So it wasn't a total surprise.

So, we are braving Wonder Con with kids next weekend. If anyone is going, look for the frazzled parents and preschooler chasing the maniac toddler thru the aisles on the floor.


My four year old to me yesterday: "now when I'm really old, like you..."


My four year old to her two year old sister this morning, playing with a toy she wanted:

"You know sharing is caring, C."

Annihilation movie micro review Show more

So my new workplace has the unofficially policy of everyone leaving at noon on Friday and everyone talked about how nice it was to get all the adult things you have to get done then, like taxes and visiting the bank.

I'm using this first week as an opportunity to go see the movie Annihilation this afternoon. Heh.

Also, shout out in thanks to my sister for mentioning we'd be waking at the "butt crack of dawn" yesterday for our flight back home. My four year old E has been trying to use the word butt now whenever she can, because if an adult can say it in front of her all bets are off, right?


I start my new job tomorrow. The last few weeks went by way too fast.

Trying to keep my jerk brain at bay for the time being. They wouldn't have hired me if they didn't like me, right?

My four year old E burst into the bathroom this morning while I was in the shower: "Mom Mom MOM!!!"

Me, shampoo in my eyes and panicking: "What?!?"

E: "where did you put the snacks?!? The snacks?!?"

Me: ...

E: "the snacks for the airplane?!?" (We are flying to see my sister and niece today.)

Me: ... ๐Ÿ˜ฃ

E: "I have these little muffins I have to take on the plane! Where are the snacks?!?"

My four year old today on the swing:

"Mom! Push me! Push me higher! PUSH ME HIGHER!! HIGH-- MOM THIS IS TOO HIGH DON'T PUSH ME!!"

My four year old has been singing the song from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride all week, to increasingly interesting results...

"Yo ho yo ho, life is but a dream..."

"Yo ho yo ho, pirates like to sing..."


Proactively made a big pot of Spanish rice tonight, which of course means the kids ate none of it and managed to convince me to make waffles instead.

Tea and time to finally dive into a book about my favorite saint (I hope to see it official in my lifetime -- Day's writings helped shape my adult spiritual life). This afternoon has been the best sort. wandering.shop/media/JsuQ3Vird