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This is my annual reminder to you (and also mostly me) that it's okay to dislike songs/movies/tv that make Top 10 or Top 100 or whatever lists!

I've been looking for resources that might help a cis man who's always identified as straight come to terms with what his spouse starting to identify as ftm means for his sexuality, and I'm really struggling to find anything.

If anybody's got anything to hand that they could send me a link to I would very much appreciate it


Automated Inclusivity 

Can't actually do my job yet
Got yet another permissions issue to resolve

Musings on capitalism 

Build Successful

Thank fuck

I can do my job now, I think

COVID vaccine side effects 

"At least it's a new error" is a thing I seem to be saying a lot lately at work

Wikipedia: all the right facts, not necessarily in the right order.

Kid wants to learn animation. He's used Wick, but it can't do everything he wants to do, and he's used up a trial of Adobe Animate.

I don't want to support Adobe's Creative Cloud keep-paying-every-month-forever subscription model.

Question for the fediverse: What animation drawing programs have you used? Which ones have you found to be easy to learn, capable, reasonably priced, etc?

We've looked at some of the other programs here, but I'm hoping for more context:

Birds from today.

A Laughing Kookaburra (squinting in the sun), a one-eyed Corella and a juvenile Pied Currawong calling for food (and for the most part being ignored by its parent).

#Bird #nature #photo #AustralianWildlife

Birds from today - part 2.

A Noisy Miner on the grass of the Great Court at UQ, and some teenage ducklings.

#bird #photo #nature #AustralianWildlife

Good morning, folk and friends from far and near!

Today I wish you something that gives you hope ✨

Ableism, vagueposting 

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