@DialMforMara @Teryl_Pacieco Moving this thread over here as part of a "rebrand" that will require me to redirect my Shop account to a new one

Maybe that'll push me to actually use this account for knitting stuff

@Teryl_Pacieco The one element of the story I haven't been able to work in is the "soft glow for the moon"
The star beads glow, and the whole shawl is a crescent, but I don't have a glowing moon
Maybe what I do is just a whole row of beaded stitches at the end of the night section

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Spoilers for above 

@rockario buff wizard makes sense if magic requires the equivalent of physical exertion on the part of the battery

or if, like, you can only levitate something you're strong enough to lift anyway

Good morning folk and friends from far and near!

Today I wish you creative inspiration or fuel ✨

y'all you know the fancy pokemon dress shirts

they do masks now





Hi all! Just got here. Please enjoy a pic of one of my 5 kitties. She's very smol and called Dot.

Picture of me 

@jgarfink i kinda want a waffle cowl now
Got a pattern?

Today's gender is impatience and the smell of lavender.

update: just finished adding beads to the @Teryl_Pacieco shawl

got about 5 more rows in the section though
progress photo tomorrow when I finish that

Me, an hour ago: I am going to walk to the pharmacy once I'm done this thing

*sun sets before I finish*

Me, at 5 pm: who on Earth would go outside at this time of night?

So I've got one mouse with a perfect body and scroll wheel, but the laser isn't reading correctly and one mouse with a body and wheel with plastic and rubber rubbing off, I wonder if I could combined the two or that would just give me two broken mice?

Extra foxes protect against arthritis! science.sciencemag.org/content

(It seems the protein FoxO1 prevents arthritis in lab mice, and the amount of it you have goes down as you age)


the goat has not yet been burned, this is the longest period where neither goat has been burned, and this is also being a terrible set of years.

obviously the solution is to burn the goat


YouTubers being terrible, Channel awesome, Larry Bund Jr 

@Canageek how does this compare to Yahtzee sticking with the Escapist?

@lapis they can of you make them able to

The Mars rovers can smell, it's just a chemistry analysis process

Someone on twitter is working on a project about medical gatekeeping of trans people, so if you are on twitter and have experience with that you might want to reach out: twitter.com/transscribe/status

@makegodgayagain To which I’d add... don’t be afraid to ask people for CWs but do try to be polite and considerate about it, especially if you’re coming from a place of privilege. But if someone’s being an ass about it don’t be afraid to report them. Moderators are human beings and there’s more room for nuanced response than you’d get on a commercial platform.

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