cyberbunk: a world where tech is based around dream technology
cyberdunk: a world where we developed stronger and deadlier forms of basketball
cyberfunk: established in a different post, cool as hell
cybergunk: gross
cyberhunk: everyone gets a robot boyfriend
cyberjunk: society built from future trash
cybermonk: religious technocracy, got a neon-catholic kinda vibe
cybersunk: atlantis but with rayguns and capitalism and shit


@HTHR cybermonk = A Canticle for Leibowitz. Also Anathem.

@DialMforMara @HTHR that's the second time acfl has come up in conversation *today*. i need to re-read that book

@nightpool @DialMforMara @HTHR hmm same... looking back it seems only some little scraps of memories of that one survived for me...

@bea @DialMforMara @HTHR I think I remember most of the plot, or at least the big set-pieces. which is incredible seeing as the last time I read that book I was probably in 8th grade.

@HTHR @DialMforMara @bea I think it would make an interesting contrast to Always Coming Home, which i'm reading now and also has a section on archiving.

@nightpool @DialMforMara @HTHR i read it ... some time in the last 5 years i think? i could be wrong... but i only remember the beginning, and ... something from the middle or end i guess

oof. talk about memory corruption :/

@bea @HTHR @DialMforMara @nightpool some things about caves of qud reminded me of, but the memories are weak enough that i don't know if that association makes much sense

@cascode @bea @HTHR @DialMforMara no it definitely makes sense! qud and leibowitz are definitely solidly in the post-apoc genre, with strange mutated and radioactive things

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