What we really need is a directory of instances by theme/focus, not just by level of rules enforcement.

My most important advice is start on a smaller instance, follow lots of people, and don't be afraid to butt in on conversations as long as your goal is not to be offensive. And if you're accidentally offensive and apologize sincerely, people will forgive you and life will go on.

That said, does anyone want to help me create a directory of instances by theme? I can do the research and writing, and maybe some HTML, but I don't know how to do backend

@DialMforMara @srol yes. I would love a searchable list of instances that I can search by theme and other parameters.

@DialMforMara @srol I'm happy to help out! I can handle front-end and back-end, but I'd be best leaving the research and writing to you 🙂

@DialMforMara @srol That's a fantastic idea. However, because new instances appear all the time, hard to maintain without crowdsourcing.

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