Saw the post saying that "innit" is British for "desu"
And I will add the obvious, "eh" is Canadian for "innit"

The Irish for this is "so?", which turns a statement into a question. Not to be confused with "so!", which adds empthasis to the statement.

@catdraiochta Question: is it, like, a trailing "so...?" or a short "so?"

@catdraiochta cool, I think I can hear how that would work.

Now it's got me thinking about whether these word differences make it so they don't all work in the same kind of sentence.

I think my basic example of "eh?" is
"That's pretty good, eh?"

@rockario @catdraiochta there's the "it's pretty good, eh," where the "eh" invites agreement

but there's also the "so I was going to the store, eh, and I saw this cat crossing the street, eh..." which is the verbal equivalent of looking around to check if your audience is paying attention

Learned about this at a linguistics conference in Vancouver actually

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