The Great August Rebloggening Challenge

Do you find yourself going "man, I really should..." about your web presence?

Are your links a mess?

Was your "about" last updated in 1999?

Do you have a page which references "current" serials you can't even remember when you finished?





@aldersprig I don't know. I grew up knowing of one other Mara, and she was an NPR host

@aldersprig ['mɑ.ɹə]

Same way as Mara Liasson the NPR host. Did not realize for many years that there were other pronunciations.

#HomeSiteHouseKeeping goals:
- At least 15 minutes of work each weekday.
- At least 1 hour of work total each weekend.
Stuff to do:
- Set up redirects from to the same post on, get the post public on if it isn't.
- Upload images/sketches that are not on yet (including writing image alts and such)
- Crosspost them elsewhere and link to the crossposts.
- Post new images, maybe also written stuff if I manage to write

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