Update on my movie post from last night, since I couldn't post it right away when the Shop was down for maintenance:

I ended up really liking the Wachowskis' Speed Racer. Once we got out of "capitalist villain trying to dazzle the Racers with wealth" territory it was much easier to look at, and it became a heartwarming story of a family being there for each other and successfully sticking it to the corps with the help of Racer Batman.

Most importantly, all the women got to be awesome.

Even Stereotypical 50s Housewife Mom Racer, whose role is of course limited to emotional support, gets to show how crucial her work is to keeping the family functional.

(also Pops Racer is a retired wrestler and gets to suplex a ninja the corp sent to assassinate Speed)

(and arguably the best moment is when Speed is able to show the Grand Prix security cameras that the car sponsored by the main-villain corp is using illegal weapons. He's won, and his reward is actually winning the race.)

@DialMforMara I really like it. The whole movie including the villain tempting our heroes is just... very innocent. There’s no pretension of serious stuff even thought some of the plot points are in deadly earnest. It’s just such a hopeful movie as far as feel.

I watched this with a bunch of friends on the midnight debut thingvwhere they show a movie at midnight Thurs because it's technically Friday. So the first public showing.

In the final race when the Speed Racer theme starts playing and he starts flying past all the other racers my friend jumps out of his seat and screams "GO SPEED RACER GO!" and the whole theater went apeshit, everybody was cheering and screaming and pumping their fists in the air and jumping up and down and it was the most amazing thing I ever experienced in a movie theater.

@DialMforMara it is honestly one of my favorite movies. I feel it really captures the spirit of its source while being modern.

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