Once more for the people in the back:

Put content warnings on your politics posts. I come to Mastodon specifically to avoid the horrible things in the news.

I don't care how urgently you want me to see it. In fact, adding a content warning will make me *more* likely to care, because it will give me time to brace myself.

@DialMforMara not content warning probably means you just used your one chance before being blocked or muted.

@DialMforMara this demand is completely reasonable and correct. Perhaps as well some requirement for newsbots, which do not carry CWs, is in order

CW meta, discourse 

@DialMforMara I tend to unfollow most folks that post politics without CWs extensively. I really prefer the ability to engage with these things when I feel comfortable doing so.

@DialMforMara There is of course the other alternative -- of blocking those who demand CWs.

I'm trying not to just signal that I like someone's post without trying to give feedback, and keep the interesting of their post going in a communicative fashion, so, here's a question: does that apply to philosophical stuff too , maybe "property is theft" or "this is why the idea of an efficient market system is bull****" ? For me, it's the news stories, like, I didn't want to read news, I came to mastadon at this moment to see someone's perspective, not read the news. you ?

@abbaxi for me it's both. I come to Mastodon to recover from the stresses of being a person in 2020, and if someone is bringing those stresses with them into Mastodon, I want an opportunity to brace myself.

right on :) It's good to know. Honestly, the content 'warning' is pretty good as a content 'categorizer' too, de-clutters the feed, a kind of pre-content hash-tag. Been wondering how to give people greater control over the social rules part of social media, it's good to get your point of view :)

@abbaxi yeah, it's like a subject line in an email

those are a great opportunity to make people less anxious about opening an email

@abbaxi@scholar.social @DialMforMara@wandering.shop I'm with Mara, in that sometimes other people's philosophical opinions are just Too Much.

Having spent a lot of time on Live Journal / Dreamwidth, I consider the CW to be a sort of "read more" / "cut" too - like you said, it declutters the feed. I don't have to read people's lewd or weekend or selfie if I don't feel like it right now.

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