Why not stay home this Black Friday with some awesome indie creator content instead?

✅ pyjama-wear appropriate
✅ no crowds
✅ relaxing
✅ discover something new
✅ supporting people not corporations
✅ great value

Indie content: the civilized way to enjoy your Friday.

Creators, please reply with your digitally available books/games/comics/TTRPGs/anything people can enjoy from home on Friday! Sales not necessary. :boost_ok:

Can I plug my cozy queer Magic the Gathering fanfic on AO3?

@DialMforMara I mean, I'm not @vicorva (though has anyone ever seen us in the same room together???), but that sounds rad as hell and I want to read it


My AO3 username is marathemara and the stories are (in order)
The Guildpact's Clinic (multichapter, finished)
Coffee Date (oneshot, finished, during War of the Spark)
Gatherings (in progress)

@DialMforMara @hummingrain I was asleep so I'm glad you shared this anyway!

Maybe Ian and I *are* the same person and that's how he knew to encourage you to post it :thonking:

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