@DialMforMara Men are from pancakes and women are from french toast

@DialMforMara why does the man get the pancakes and the woman get the french toast??

i am woman and i want pancake 🥞

@hummingrain @xyzzy @DialMforMara That sounds extinguishing! Can I be one at a time and average to all of them?

@xyzzy i want french toast, thought i was man but seeing this sign am no longer sure

(our instance has no french toast emojus this is eggphobic)


♪ I need a waffle
♪ I'm holding out in the diner till the end of the night
♪ It's got to be warm
♪ And it's got to be sweet
♪ And it's got to be fluffy and light

I kinda feel left out. Where's the attack helicopter?!? :(

@DialMforMara It's a very silly meme about genders. 'I sexually identify as an attack helicopter'.

@wistahe ohhh noooo

My brother discovered that song in middle school, and it was insufferable

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