Reminder to my friends who observe Yom Kippur that the rabbis say you should not fast if you are ill.

As someone whose surname allows them to pretend that they're B'nai Kohen, I'm extending that to apply to mental health. If your brain makes every day a possible Yom Kippur, don't go out of your way to make this one any worse for yourself.

@DialMforMara I'm not Jewish but try to be sympathetic to the culture and history.

That said, this observation of yours is very on-point - there are all sorts of illnesses, including mental ones, that do not play nice AT ALL with fasting. I'm really pleased you've put this out here.

Would you mind me boosting your toot?

(weird brain thinks that last sentence of mine looks weird...)

Go for it. I made it boostable so you (and others) could do exactly that.

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