Holding yourself to the expectation that stuff you make needs to be Good to be worthwhile is the biggest impediment for trying new things. Especially if your standard of "good" is literal professionals.


And if you want to learn how I make any of the things that I do, I would love to teach :)

@DialMforMara mostly light up glowy things but I multiclass into some other crafts.

I really need to get a showcase website up.

give me a sec and I can link some stuff

@DialMforMara Project before that, and what I'm currently writing up product documentation for a short run of: Rainbow Sign


@starkatt so like a glass and neon kind of thing? Very cool

@DialMforMara Not quite that high skill! This is LEDs and side-glow fiber optics :)

@starkatt Also very cool. (I asked if it was glass bc @Canageek is studying glassblowing)

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