Ancient Viking warrior considered a paragon of Norse masculinity by historians, turns out to have female genes

My favorite detail is that she was buried with game pieces on her lap, suggesting that she was a tactician

@witchfynder_finder dunno how nerdy you can get in ancient Norseland and still get a warrior's burial

@DialMforMara She could have been a mighty warrior and ALSO a big nerd

"Bury me with my sworde and yon D&D character sheetes"

@witchfynder_finder @DialMforMara In that day, they only had LADRP games - Life-and-death Role Play.

@ansugeisler @witchfynder_finder Andrew Hussie came up with FLARP for this—the F stands for fatal, I think




@DialMforMara apparently when this news came out, lots of white men complained, and said the researchers were making it up, coz of the influences of feminists. Like we have that much power.

@erosdiscordia @DialMforMara this is not the first such reveal, there is at least one female body buried with weaponry (and therefore presumed to be male) in England as well.

@erosdiscordia @DialMforMara what I am curious about is if there are graves presumed to be female (because of grave content) that are male, but I have yet to hear tell of that

@Awizadofearthsea @erosdiscordia I would love to hear about that. I can only assume it would get an even funnier reaction out of the neckbeards.

@erosdiscordia go for it. My headcanon is that you didn’t have to be treated as a man to get respecct.

@DialMforMara Armchair historians: Alas, this is a mystery that shall never be solved.

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