So... there are over 1500 registered users here, and only ~200 that are regularly active.

Kinda curious about those inactive accounts, and whether the people using them still want them.

@phildini I was inactive for over a year and then came back, for what it's worth

@Kitts that's pretty good to know, actually. What brought you back? What do you wish was different?

@phildini 1. A good friend joined mastodon and he's not open to any other online communication, 2. Had to switch my twitter to professional use 3. Just kind of missed the vibe. I still miss the early shop days a bit, when everyone talked about their tea, but it's still a nice friendly space to hang out, and those are so rare on the internet these days.

@DialMforMara @Kitts @phildini i am drinking tea right now, even!

It is peppermint, v tasty

@Kitts @phildini
I have chrysanthemum blossoms I should be drinking; I'm visiting my partner in Canada and have been unsure for a couple of years whether I can take them across the border

@DialMforMara @Kitts @phildini oh yeah theres rules against plant matter isn’t there?

@Satsuma @Kitts @phildini yeah...I've taken teabags across before, but I'm worried about loose leaf, and this is just straight up dried flowers

@DialMforMara @Kitts @phildini yeah. I mean it’s probably technically legal but “technically legal” is not where you wanna be with US customs

@Satsuma @Kitts @phildini the sad part is that the Asian grocery right near the Boltbus stop on my end doesn't have chrysanthemum tea, and I have not yet found an easy-to-get-to place that does

@Satsuma @Kitts @phildini ooh, I could get chrysanthemum tea from Etsy! Or Amazon, but that comes with the usual Amazon baggage. (Is there an ethical alternative to Amazon with relatively quick shipping?)

@DialMforMara @Satsuma @phildini oooh, I love chrysanthemum tea! I used to buy giant bags of it at the Asian grocery store

@Kitts @DialMforMara @Satsuma @phildini

Today I'm trying some strawberry green oolong I got in pearl form from the fancy Chinese tea shop in Mountain View! 🍵

@nindokag @Kitts @DialMforMara @phildini ooh that sounds fascinating! I have some really great pearl jasmine that i’ve been working on (from upton tea, it was a birthday present) and the leaves look so lovely after they’ve unfurled

@DialMforMara @Kitts @phildini I've been getting more into tea as I try to move away from a pot coffee a day... Any recommendations?

@kreg @Kitts @phildini I have an overwhelming number of recommendations.

If you want something that tastes like coffee, English Breakfast or yerba mate. For caffeine, black teas. For flavor, I like oolong best, but there are also lots of interesting flavored blends (current favorites are a lavender black tea and a maple cream oolong). For decaf, green or white tea or a massive array of herbal infusions (if you’ve got an Asian grocery near you, I recommend dried chrysanthemum blossoms).

@DialMforMara @Kitts @phildini awesome, thanks! I think next will be to try some oolong's. Also there a few good Asian markets so I'll look for the chrysanthemums.

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