If I were to start a / instance, which format would you want it in?

Note that I know almost nothing about how to register a domain and set up either kind of instance, and would need extensive help to do either.

I won't make you move, but I will try to sell you on a local TL full of other people's beautiful craft photos

@ebeth if you're volunteering, I'm on board & will happily help moderate :D

@DialMforMara oh god i meant an account

i could probably figure out how to set up an instance but i don't think i'm technically competent enough to keep up/keep it secure/etc

happy to help out though if someone who's better at maintenance wants to spot me/also be involved

@DialMforMara Pixelfed would make sense, but I've never used the pixelfed yet

@DialMforMara thinking about it further, I think I like the idea of having a pixelfed craft instance, because I don't feel as weird about having one account there and one of the shop that way. I don't personally deal well with having multiple Mastodon accounts.

1 concern 

1 concern 

@DialMforMara Did this ever happen? I'd be really interested in joining a fiber arts Pixelfed!

@DialMforMara @twistylittlepassages not yet, so far as I know. I know that @randomgeek had to settle into a new situation and then was going to look into what it would take. I think he’s got an alarm set to remind him.

@gannet @DialMforMara @twistylittlepassages

Indeed! The new situation(s) are starting to settle down a bit, and in a couple weeks I may even have spare time to test pixelfed locally!

Time is clearly an issue, but I'll see what I can do!

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