@gretchenmcc asked on Twitter what people's favorite Unicode characters are. I couldn't decide between ampersand (&), lowercase esh (ʃ) and cup of tea emoji (🍵) .

What are your favorite characters?

@DialMforMara @gretchenmcc 🐲 followed closely by 🕴️

im also quite partial to the box drawing characters, │in particular

@va7ncd @gretchenmcc that’s really cool! I didn’t know about it. I got a bracelet of those as a bat mitzvah present

@DialMforMara @gretchenmcc This one comes out of Turkey, and I see it in Persian stores all the time too. I got my sister a hamsa necklace when I visited Jerusalem, thought it looked pretty cool.

@DialMforMara @gretchenmcc I once put my money where my mouth was and sponsored 茶, the Chinese character for tea, on

@UnclearFuture @gretchenmcc that character is new enough that Firefox won't display it

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