I understand the meme without any clue what the context is. Also, Baby It's Cold Outside is creepy even if you genderswap it, which is something I just heard on Christmas radio at a cafe

Re the song, full understanding of possible historical contexts doesn't make it less creepy, despite what the author of next semester's technical writing textbook claims. (I hate him already and am taking it as an I'll omen for the class )

@DialMforMara @PaladinQuinn aside: i think what i've concluded with "Baby, It's Cold Outside" is that even if we take the past into account does that mean its good to play on public radio consistently every year? If something becomes "Timeless" shouldn't it be judged as we hear it without the context of history, and if it is rooted in its time should we be broadcasting it over and over every year since the context is rapidly lost each passing year.

Exactly. It's not timeless, but if we treat it like it is, we have to assess it relative to any time period it appears in

Related: this cafe's mixtape also included a modernized cover in which the guy understands the girl's concerns, helps her get ready to leave, and wishes her a safe drive home at the end

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