Time for another round of !

I am Mara, twentysomething, hopepunk with

Co-admin of

Still getting used to the idea that the real world is better than fictional ones

Interested in

Knows a lot about

Blog at updated irregularly

Daily until february

Addendum to :

pronouns are she/her

open to recommendations for and

looking for better in

I block people who stress me out

@zompus Editing and documentation mostly. My degrees are in linguistics, I'm working on a certificate in technical writing, and my current job is annotating data for NLU and NLG projects and wishing I was on the team that wrote the guidelines

@DialMforMara Interesting. I'll keep my ears open in case I hear about someone needing a technical writer.


Vincithias - author, nature nut... LOVE Corvids. - My Wattpad account.

Tumblr Refugee

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