so I just read this short webtoon called Always Human

it's an extremely cute f/f romance in a future with easy body modding (tho one of the protagonists has an immune disorder that doesn't let her use mods)

and it gave me such intense "us feels" for me and my partner, because it's so much like things that happen to us

i mean
you should read it
just be prepared

oh, and it's set in Western Australia, in case that's useful information, and one of the protagonists has two dads and the other's parents have a thirdner (is that a useful word? Third partner who joined the marriage later on?)

I'm rambling. I drank wine while I was reading and it made the feels stronger.

@DialMforMara oh, I loved it too! also the aesthetics!! and the bodymods!!!

when I got to the part where the author had the draw yourself and I might put you in the comic contest, I started trying to think of what I would do first if I had access to mods, and nothing really jumped out at me. Purple hair? Green eyes? Animated tattoos?

Of course, the simple answer is just
not have arthritis
make me sleep better and not be tired all the time
get rid of all my genetic disease risks

And yes, it was very . A world I want to live in, even if I didn't have medical complaints that their doctors can fix with a couple of keystrokes

@DialMforMara were there even animal-related mods?
in my case: squirrel-like ears with long earspuffs (?), squirrel-like tail! and maybe dragon spikes down my spine :3

i have just recently thought again about those things and even set my thoughts in this always human world, even tough it's quite a while ago, that I read it.

oh and no boobs probably?

To be fair, basically everyone in that comic has healthy privilege. Even Austen's story about the anti-cancer mod that kept her in the hospital for weeks because they had to shut down her immune system to install it fades into the background pretty quickly, and the health talk becomes all about sunscreen. Her disability becomes cosmetic, and more problem of personal expression than the serious issue it is

It does kind of get addressed, when she's talking to her academic advisor... No one's looking for a cure for her condition because there's not enough people who have it for a cure to be profitable.

But even that kind of gets swept under the personal aesthetic rug. What other genetic conditions aren't getting treated because the medical research companies are still capitalist?

@DialMforMara so sad, that this part of our society even lives on in this wonderful colourful story.

fictional body mods 

fictional body mods 

@DialMforMara huh, I'm really tired but at first I thought you were talking about O Human Star. have you read that one? highly recommend

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