@fribbledom hmm, someone brought this up in my computer networking class and the professor said... it wasn't important??


It is a problem for anyone who cares about DNS and/or security. Maybe your professor doesn't belong to either group :thaenkin:

@fribbledom @ibagail Even regardless of security its just a really fuarking dumb thing to do, AND its been implemented poorly and inconsistently.

If I have layer01.www.www.m.layer02.www.p7.co.nz that will get shortened to layer01.layer02.p7.co.nz

@tA @fribbledom yeah i read the thread and that shit looks UH OH

@tA @fribbledom
Why does the presence or absence of the www make a difference? Are there websites not on the web?

@DialMforMara @ibagail @fribbledom

so technically, the www. in front of a website is just a subdomain, like how layer13.p7.co.nz is, and www.website.com and website.com can be two completely different websites, even run by different people in some cases

@tA @ibagail @fribbledom yeah, I got that far on my own, but why is that allowed and/or not prevented?

@DialMforMara are you asking why both versions (with www. and without) are "allowed" to map to different locations? if so, i like barely know this from a class i'm in right now, but basically people came up with all this stuff when the concept of networks, much less the internet, were known only to a few! so they didn't necessarily know that so many domains would use the www. subdomain

@ibagail what other subdomains were there originally supposed to be at the same level as www?


@ibagail and are URLs that don't use www outside the World Wide Web?

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