The radio informs me that Monday has once again escaped confinement. Be careful out there folks.

A guy on Facebook is bitching about sensitivity readers. Like Lionel Shriver, this straight white nondisabled male feels entitled to write minority stories without even consulting with sensitivity readers (aka 'get it right!' readers. This issue resurfaces.

I started trying to explain how he's not entitled to my story, and how albinism has been linked to Nazis and fascism thereby exonerating normative whites while vilifying disabled people.

No win scenario. I quit.

Q: what's the gender-neutral version of "fireman"?
A: "firefighter"

Q: what's the gender-neutral version of "oh man"?
A: "oh fighter"

Q: what's the non-gender-neutral version of "street fighter"?
A: "street man"

Today's top posts:
1. Whitlam's Children's book launch (number 1 about an hour after I posted it)
2. a of The Adults by Caroline Hulse
3. petition for Death to bring back Terry Pratchett
4. Terry Pratchett lives on in graffiti.

Someone realised I'm a TP fan and has been digging through the archives! 😂

Mourning the election results? Watch or listen to Whitlam's Children the book launch featuring Rick Morton and a local pollie launching Shaun Crowe's nonfiction book about progressive Australian politics — before we return to the dark ages.

Time and Time Again: I got around to reading and writing a of Ben Elton's book about time travelling to improve the last century.

The is one of my favourite nonfiction books. I reviewed it over here

I just wish there was a set process to deal with this crap. Anyone else have these kinds of issues?

Earlier today, I gave a couple of peanuts to a crow, and after it ate them, it approached me- tentatively, but it got much closer than crows usually do. So I gave it another peanut, after talking to the crow a bit (which seemed to soothe it).

It tried to bury the peanut next to a sapling by shoving it into soft ground, but it didn’t go in far enough, so the crow pulled the peanut out, grabbed a stick, deepened the hole, then put the peanut back in and buried it.

I watched a crow use tools. :D

has loads of panels on interesting topics like this one about accessibility for disabled gamers

For all the PAX panels, photos and interviews, see this link:

Zana Fraillon writes about and other contemporary social issues. I interviewed Zana a while back. That is available in and formats here (and on Spotify and iTunes etc)

I love everything I've read that she's written: here

Where do 19th century gothic and meet? In Jeannette Ng's novel . I interviewed Jeannette not so long ago. That interview is here, available in and formats.

Eleanor Gordon-Smith tells everyone to Stop Being Reasonable in her latest nonfiction book. She has debated Nazis and Climate Change Deniers so she'd know. I the book over here

@pgs 👋 Hiya! so you're on the ICT server? Why am I not surprised?

A Moderne Herballe was Ian Gunn's latest Silly Illo posted on my website. I particularly loved the Vegemite. It took me about an hour or so to decipher the handwriting but I've included the pic's text in the body of my post for all those who find it difficult to read odd fonts

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