Commissioning art of my Characters is my version of retail therapy.

Freelance Familiars is wide! Come be my very first sale on Kobo or nook or whatever. Leave a review!

Hi Shop.

Its been awhile. I've been staying away from most social networks. Been Writing! Part one of Rise of the Horned Serpent: Dragon's Price is being edited. I'm closing in on the end of part 2.

Also Freelance Familiars will be going wide on May 2nd! You'll be able to buy it on Kobo, itunes and other places!

This draft I swear.... I can't go two thousand words without introducing a new character. I'm totally lost in the world building.
I'm very afraid there isn't enough action so far.

Jowls and Rudy try to help Thomas with some pick-up lines
For @DanielPotter (I'm in the middle of book 2)

Great writing week 8K from monday morning. But waking up at 4:30 to do it has left me a little out of it this morning.

we basically live in a cyberpunk dystopia but without all the cool shit

Being the offspring of 2 different mythological creatures made life full of excitement & manipulation. However, after your human significant other catches you using your powers, your worst fears have materialized. They say they're willing to keep your secret if they meet your parents"
#writingprompts #writing

Booyah! 1400 words written before work!

Morning shop!

Gah. We're under quota brain! Come on! Write. Go! You can do it.

Brain: Squirrel!


I had dream featuring my Grandfather who died a few weeks ago. He was counciling me to invest in a pizza joint? Trouble is he wasn't very specific nor was he a terribly good investor in life...

Another 1K of ink out of the well. 650 more to make the daily quota. Progress is progress.

ME: Okay brain, I gave you the video games you wanted yesterday now its time to write.
Brain: One More Turn! One More Turn! We lost to the Riftborn! I want to figure out how they Work now!
Me: No no no. Writing, Pirate sisters and Dragons.
Brain: Portals open and the Dragons and pirates must work together against the mechanized alien love bots.
Me: Hrrrm that doesn't sound too bad actually. But not this time brain!
Brain: Awwwww.

ugh, looking at these months numbers is making me very reluctant to follow through and make Freelance Familiars wide.

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