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when it rains, it pours (socially) (also mh and meds mention) 

I hadn't seen almost anybody in years, I was being a depressed traumatized recluse for a few years even before covid. Now I'm seeing EVERYONE!

Plus now I started Ritalin and suddenly I have dopamine and seeing people actually feels GOOD. It's funny, I'm kind of actually an extrovert when I'm in a good space and with good people. :kirby_happy:

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when it rains, it pours (socially) 

I've been back for just about a month from the trip to see my Gramma, mom and sister for the first time in years. Since then I've seen grad school friends for the first time since 2015, then less than a week later, all my extended family, and today I learn that one of my closest friends from 1999-2000 is in town and I get to see them next week!

family + 

Yesterday I spent the evening with my extended-extended family. Barely family, technically, but I'm claiming them. (It's my grandmother's sister's husband's family lol) They are all so cool. They are all painfully Seattle haha. I fit right in, it's a very good feeling, one that I've never really had before. Haven't seen them since 2019. The past couple months have had a lot of that. We're all finally letting down our guards a bit, I think the emotional payoff is worth the (vaxxed) risk.

health, fucking insurance is hell 

The amazing endometriosis specialist I was seeing is no longer covered by my insurance (or any private insurance) 😭

I don't want to go to a non specialist. She was (is) the best. Now I have to accept not-the-best? This sucks.


What's the probability of drawing five major arcana in a row? (Maybe I'll do the actual math...)

I always pull SO MANY major arcana but this is a lot even for me. Very powerful huh

Fuuuucck I'm doing it, I'm doing a tech bootcamp. It seems like the best option for someone like me with basically ZERO work history to get started on some sort of tangible path toward an actual paycheck. Particularly a path that allows remote work, and hopefully a bit of flexibility, so I don't crash and burnout again. Here's hoping.
Wish me luck 😅

Gotta love starting to make tentative plans with someone who then goes radio silent. Am I driving to Silverdale/Bremerton tomorrow for dinner? Are they coming down to Tacoma? I'm guessing hiking is off. I hope they don't want to meet for lunch, I need advance warning if I'm expected to be awake much before noon. I've been avoiding restaurants but I guess I'll make an exception, the visiting friend is literally an epidemiologist.

For tonight's horror movie we're watching Misery, neither of us have seen it before.

I broke a jar of peppermint tea, so I'm boiling all ~4 cups into concentrate/syrup so I can filter that and not have to worry about glass shards.

The entire house is now an eye-watering level of minty! I like it but whew it's a lot.

Making career decisions based on tarot readings 🤷🏼‍♀️

It hasn't steered me wrong so far in two+ decades soooo

shockingly expensive skincare 

I got a sample of this face moisturizer a couple months ago and it is AMAZING. It makes my skin feel 12 years younger.

So I went to look at how much a full size jar costs (50 ml lol) and I just about fell over. $280. Two hundred and eighty dollars for a tiny tub of night cream 😭 unbelievable.

The sample is 15 ml so at least now I feel like I'm getting value out of my subscription service.

I kinda want to go to a skate gathering up in Seattle tomorrow but I wish I didn't have to go alone. Idk. I'll have to think about it.

They dopamine rush of hitting it off with someone vs the anxiety of having to interact with people - SHOWDOWN
(also the mortifying ordeal of being known I suppose. Nothing new under the sun eh)

I got myself a fall item of clothing, a boilersuit in this excellent 70s pattern. Now I need somewhere to wear it. Hmm.

food - not veg 

Complete dish- carnitas tacos with queso fresco, avocado, green salsa, and sautéed radish greens (plus the lightly pickled escabéche)

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gripes, it's nothing 

I was looking forward to mushroom hunting but plans changed. Buh.

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gripes, it's nothing 

Oh look here comes the time of year when I hate living here. Made 10x worse by the pandemic - I'm driving two hours just to stand outside in the cold rain for a while.

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gripes, it's nothing 

I know I said I'd drive up to Seattle just to hang out for a bit but...I don't want to. I will, ::sigh::, I just wish someone would do the same for me. But everyone in Seattle has all the rest of Seattle to choose from, I can't compete with that. I suppose I wouldn't be driving an hour each way to try and make friends if I could find friends locally either.

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