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Most people bring their dogs to this field to run and play. Mine just wants to do this.

it's a shaggy dog 

He's basically a Muppet.

It's that time of year again! Flying solo for a couple weeks starting tomorrow!
It's always fine but whew it's also a lot. And there are parts of the event that spouse is off to that I wish I could attend. There's also
a lot about it I don't miss though. Like tent camping in Ohio summer in a field full of people.

@pagrus Challenge is the opposite reason of why I listen to music. It's stimming, it's comfort food.

I read somewhere that autistic people often don't experience friendship "degradation", like, we feel just as strongly connected to people from our past as ever, even if we haven't been in contact in decades.

In some ways this feels like a superpower but god it also breaks my heart into a million pieces on the regular. And then when grief comes into play... 💔 fuck

My sock gremlins are back *again* 😅
I can currently find ten of my good socks.

This is not the first nor second time this has happened in the past idk's wild. I'm amused and baffled.


@grace it's so very on point. So needed. I wish I could send a copy to so. many. people.

IG sucks, so much, but this author's IG (DrDevonPrice) is a good source of autistic community/perspective. Plus a transmasc perspective. Another good account for that (ASD + trans) (but less "professional") is Jersey.Noah. (on TT also).


@Louisa haha yes! Stereo headphones were mind blowing! ...until one ear stopped working and you only got half the song. I remember this being an issue often, I guess I was pretty rough on my headphones.


@Louisa Yes! This was the first album that I was absolutely obsessed with! I wore that tape out. Mainly re-playing Cold Hearted over and over lmao


@grace This book just came out and it's really good! Especially if you think you've been masking. Check out Devons's stuff on Medium for an intro to his writing

@dokuja it's a bit rumbly on pavement but wonderful on all other surfaces - and they even made a track and ski swap kit so you can ride on SNOW also!
(Not sure how stable or useful it would be, I've been on a sno-runner before, lol, so sketch. I feel like this is only a step further.)

@pagrus fully auto transmission! Electric start! Foot rear brake and dual hand brakes. Traction for days. They do weigh a lot and the ergonomics are firmly for sitting, not standing on the pegs like I usually would on dirt, but they are like an offroad couch, it's glorious.

@pagrus not familiar with the ez90? They're great. So very easy and so capable. A bit rare these days unfortunately, Honda should bring them back!
Completely and only meant for trail riding! And they do great on rough dirt and gravel roads, but they were never street legal.

Good ride today. I went faster than last week and felt more confident. We covered about 17 miles in a bit over 3 hours.

I might go to the riding camping trip next week? Really really can't decide. Hmm.

Veg food mention, ask for favorite recipes 

@Sacchan if I had a ton of mushrooms and kale, I would probably make quiche or fritattas or similar.

Also maybe something like a shepherd's pie, with sautéed mushrooms in or in place of the meat/meat substitute. I like to put a layer of sautéed kale or chard under the potatoes. (Usually white sweet potatoes).

@dokuja that's ours! The delica truck is our friend's.

Oh right, I was going to try making recycled paper!

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New level of adhd reached: supplies arrived (powdered starch) and I can't remember what new project I was planning to start....

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