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cooking question 

@polymerwitch I use parchment paper on a metal sheet pan. I can often get a couple uses out of the parchment depending on what I'm cooking. It's not technically reusable but it feels lower impact than foil.
I used to use silicone "silpat" mats but I find they hold onto soapy flavor, unfortunately. I usually like silicone otherwise.

cat ec weird cat ec 

This weird-ass cat is laying on my damp fuzzy socks and snuggling/grooming/air-chewing one of them. Idek.
Now he's looking like a really smug loaf and falling asleep. On my damp socks. Okayyy dude.

Ahh I think I just figured out something I saw over a decade ago!

It was a glider!
Basically an engine-less little airplane with really long wings. It was so eerie at the time because they are dead silent, and it was flying pretty low. I didn't know what to think. Turns out that area is about 40 miles from a major "soaring" spot.

Ughhhh I love snow and I love when it's below 20F and I was meant to live somewhere COLD


I'm calling it now, migraine in the next 3 days . Here's hoping it's minor - but given my cumulative actions and behavior this month, I'm not holding my breath.

How is it allowed to be "feels like" 21 F and yet raining, no snow 😒 (It's 37. Ugh.)

PNW winters are more brutal than upstate NY. Just in their own way.


I finally got Merengue!! And on only my third Island! (Peace out, Kitt. What an upgrade.)

@pagrus but when will being pro-web3 be a black mark πŸ™ƒ

@pagrus she's got her iron in a lot of different fires but this is interesting

@pagrus this is why I've been a recluse since 2015...

@pagrus she's also really into like SpaceX and if this is who I will have to work with in tech I really don't know if I'm cut out for it 😬

@pagrus oh gawd my new mentor for the ux program is a contractor working on Meta and she's so proud of that and excited and I don't know how to interact with her at all 😐

I made a ton of food for a party and then had a meltdown and decided not to go but my husband went and took the food and now I'm home with no food even though I spent 3 hours making it. I should have kept some for me. I'm so dumb 😭

c19 booster symptoms meh 

32 hours out.
I think the main side effect I'm feeling is that I'm a bit tired. I'm ready for bed like 3 hours earlier than usual. Tiny headache but I've been taking ibu. Arm is sore but whatever.

Husband had his armpit lymph node go the size of a racquetball. No thank you.

booster anxiety - health bleh previous doses c19 

The nurse who did my shot was an older woman, a recent transplant from Texas, and AGGRESSIVELY comforting lmao. It was slow so she made me sit with her for 15 minutes while she forcefully held my hand and engaged in very enthusiastic conversation. It was overwhelming but nice of her.

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booster anxiety - health bleh previous doses c19 

Waiting observation time for a few more minutes. I had the tachy but not too bad, just 112, it's gone down now. I'm probably good for short term effects now, hopefully no hives or anything later. I don't feel good but that post adrenaline feeling always sucks, it's probably only that. Ugh. I really hope this is the last one. Probably won't be huh. but I can dream.

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booster anxiety - health bleh previous doses c19 

I chickened out last time but today is the day. I really hope any reactions I have are mild. I think the Moderna booster is a half dose? Hopefully that helps.

My body didn't like the first 2 shots. I got hives the first time, had tachycardia both times but only for like 10 minutes. The normal illness-like immune reactions don't really worry me, just the allergic stuff. Sigh. Guess it's still better than getting the actual bug.

c19, not me just subtooting someone on a different platform 

Flying cross country to visit Disney World every few months during the entire pandemic seems pretty hm irresponsible, to put it nicely. But bringing a ~1 year old baby along? Wow. Uh.

Ever look at someone and wonder how you were ever friends with such a person? I guess we were both different people a decade ago.

food - not veg 

@Satsuma yep! I weigh it into bags - one pound fits perfectly in a ziplock sandwich bag - flatten and lay those on a baking sheet to freeze more quickly and uniformly. Once solid, they go into freezer gallon bags that I reuse.
I did a turkey last month when they went on holiday sale.

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