"Look at that beautiful overcast sky" these are words that just came out of my mouth. My conversion to Washingtonian is complete.

But really I am glad that we don't have to ride in glaring sunlight. Today is an 80 mile ride, here goes! (In a couple hours.)

Holy fuck it smells like a skunk sprayed literally in the house. The neighbor dog must have spooked one really close to the house or something. Omg this is bad. Of course the screen door was open, it's finally cool now.
Wow, this is painfully smelly.

Hmmm I think I'm going to wear my Free Palestine t shirt on Friday night at the rally.

It was fine, I completed the ride, just a bit behind the group. The ride was pretty short but fast, fast is the club signature. Most moped clubs don't ride so fast. It also doesn't help that everyone else knows the roads around there pretty well and I don't really.
Rally speed will be fine, big groups don't go so fast. And I don't mind riding in a group, it reminds me of roller derby pack skating.

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I'm going to ride with the Fleet (moped club) tonight. That isn't a huge deal, I do occasionally. But I've only ever kept up when on my scooter, it's a 4-stroke 125cc Buddy. Much faster than the average moped.

Next weekend is the Mosquito Fleet rally and I want to ride a moped, not a scooter. It's a 50cc 2-stroke with tuned clutch and pipe. I admit I'm mostly trying to fit in and look cool. I've chosen the moped to ride and gotten a bit of seat time, but I want more. So out I go tonight.

Today in things I never would have imagined doing, we're house hunting for the in-laws. They're moving out here. Pretty soon.
And of course, his mother is mildly terrifying. She's nice enough but very emotionless. And not only does she have incredibly high standards (while I'm a ball of chaos at my best), she completely lives up to those standards herself.

@pagrus if I had corrective goggles already I would definitely also want a helmet to go with them!
You don't really have an offroad suitable bike tho do you? Well, there's your problem, you need one of those too! To also go with the goggles of course.

pet fish death 

Just buried my favorite fish, Carl the Weather loach. I don't really feel too bad or sad, she'd been progressively more and more ill for over a year with swim bladder disease. I'd been nursing her along, but this week she took a turn for the worse. It was mercy. Fish illnesses are so alien. I euth'd her w clove oil, something I've never done before but is apparently the current standard. Now she's in the garden next to a few bettas and corys and another loach. My fish graveyard.

@pagrus I feel like goggles would make this worse? (And goggles fog too.)
Or do you not need your prescription to see distance?

@pagrus and here I bring my goggles along but rarely put them on when I do ride dirt, haha. Usually I just wear my glasses. I've yet to get used to goggles.

@pagrus just took it for a 15 mile spin and while it needs some breaking in - super snug - I'm really happy with it. I don't go fast enough to really test wind noise or tug haha but the peripheral vision is so good!

I got a new helmet and it is honestly too cool for me. My bright pink hair does look good sticking out the back though.
My old helmet is a Rossi replica (AGV Dreamtime K3) and it's covered in Aboriginal inspired designs so I feel gross wearing it these days, appropriative. (I've had it over a decade.) Now I'm just playing at being a hip enduro bro. (Icon Variant Pro Hello Sunshine)

@Sacchan Oh, happy to hear it! Both such good books.
I finally got my hands on the newest Monk & Robot this week, so far it's every bit as enjoyable as I would expect.

I like a good weightlifting workout but I don't like having to drive home all weak and shaky after, ugh

@Sissas @godtributes I know right! I was really hoping for something better than "cool"

It's going to be really hot the next few days. I have the windows open now, at night, to cool the house down.
A skunk sprayed somewhere very nearby 😐
Now I have to choose between a hot or stinky house. I guess I'm choosing stinky...

What level of chaos Muppet am I?
Well, I keep my vast herbal tea selection in unlabeled reused (mostly) glass jars piled haphazardly in an Ikea bin. I dig through them like I dig through my piles of clothing.Yes one has broken before.

@raindrops another vote for the bum bug/fanny pack/ mine are actually "hip bags", they're more streamlined and meant to wear on one hip. I have more and less bulky ones depending on the activity, and a cute one that makes a good shoulder purse or crossbody.

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