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traveling while ND 

...means making sure to bring your favorite spoons. These are biodegradable spoons from frozen yogurt places. They have the best feel. I do not love metal flatware. (tho I will use it if I have to, with the exception of some metal flatware that tastes funny and idk why.)

cat ec 

As part of redoing the porch I'm washing all the cushion covers and Mr. Catface has decided that this is his favorite playground ever. He just sent one cushion flying several feet into the air, I'm not even sure how.

dog ec (very small) 

Bobodog enjoyed our little hike! He's so dirty now...

Some good scenery from up near Port Angeles, Salt Creek recreation area, looking out at the Strait of Juan de Fuca. I want to visit that little cove when the tide is out, it's supposed to have good tide pools and all the associated critters.

Ended up with about 24 ounces of concentrate, that should last me a while!
I wonder if I should freeze one. Probably can't hurt.

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Boiling down some elderberry powder with ginger, cinnamon and just a little bit of clove. The house smells so good now!

Hashtag just adhd things

(yes all empty. Yes I finally moved them to the recycling)

food, recipe 

Success! Here's the recipe if anyone wants it. So much better than any store bought gluten free bread I've had.

Recipe mods - I used 3 tsp baking powder, doubled the salt, and it usually takes more like 1 hour + 15 or 20 min. the probe never comes out fully clean. This time I subbed squash puree for the applesauce and added idk 3 tsp of cinnamon? Maybe more? I love cinnamon. And like 1/2 tsp fresh nutmeg? Idk. I don't measure.

And I've never eaten it all within 3 days, it was fine.

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food (veg) 

Coconut curry with crispy baked tofu, one of my go-to meals. It's over cauliflower rice.

sad dog ec 

I'm sorry bud, I hate the loud flying war machines too.
(someone is glued to me today, it's cute and sad and out of character)

dog ec but primarily pretty Tahoma with moon and skates 

The moon rose from behind Tahoma tonight and we went down to the waterfront to see it and it was GORGEOUS. I skated for the first time since my foot surgery, too! And my first time skating the waterfront since pre panoramic. Bobo was very happy to get a good run.

food (very not veg) 

Instant pot pork roast (seasoning includes a jar of olive brine, great idea), chickpea pasta with cauliflower cheddar sauce, sautéed kale with peppers and almost-caramelized onions. Pretty good, but several hours of work.


My appointment yesterday was near the Ranch 99 so we picked up snacks and also gai lan and some chili sauces. So good! I love gai lan and this bunch was younger than I usually see. (That's like 1/3 of the gai lan, we can put it away!)


This is a positive spread but it's always tough to be hanging. I feel like I've been in limbo a long time and I don't know how to find my way out.

I guess the cats missed me today, this isn't really typical.

Exhausted but done at 1 am. Trying not to think how we could have been done around 8 or 9 pm had the truck arrived on time. We're so sore and by the end our strength was just sapped. But it's done! We crammed them all in there. Next time we'll probably pay for an extra day, this was rough.

Off to Japan they go! To Utsunomiya, Tochigi, specifically. One day we'll visit there too.

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