I got a new helmet and it is honestly too cool for me. My bright pink hair does look good sticking out the back though.
My old helmet is a Rossi replica (AGV Dreamtime K3) and it's covered in Aboriginal inspired designs so I feel gross wearing it these days, appropriative. (I've had it over a decade.) Now I'm just playing at being a hip enduro bro. (Icon Variant Pro Hello Sunshine)

Most people bring their dogs to this field to run and play. Mine just wants to do this.

it's a shaggy dog 

He's basically a Muppet.

Good ride today. I went faster than last week and felt more confident. We covered about 17 miles in a bit over 3 hours.

I might go to the riding camping trip next week? Really really can't decide. Hmm.

unhappy flowers (rot/ a little gross?) 

Not all of the flowers have done so well, unfortunately. I've seen so many blooms just go to rot this year, some before they could even open.

The other day we hiked to this very impressive waterfall. So. Good. Also saw it's smaller neighbor, but couldn't get as close to that one.

One thing the wet spring is good for - BIG waterfalls. Just bursting. The sheer force was impressive, overwhelming really. And so very loud.

But the iris flowers seem to like the cold wet spring at least!

The pale yellow one is the first iris to bloom in my yard in 6 years of living here. I've never known why they didn't bloom. The rest are from the test garden nearby.

nice cat portrait 

Mr. Temba Catface, looking good

dog ec but mostly about the park nearby 

The big park near us is closing the scenic view road to car traffic probably forever. (Because of erosion.)
So we and a lot of other people just did one last loop. It was bumper to bumper. We got through just before the official closing time but a lot of people were still in there.
We'll still go ride bikes there, it was only open to cars a few hours a day, but I will miss the option to drive it, especially when older relatives come visit.

the perpetrator of my last post (cat ec) 

Taken just minutes before the catastrophe. She's never riding shotgun again!

The shoreline near our house on the one truly warm day we've had since last September.

I did an art, it's a watercolor card 

It's a birthday card for my father in law. That's the Olympic mountains and Gig Harbor viewed across the Tacoma Narrows near my house. Picture taken 25 Feb 22. Painted today! I haven't done an art in quite a while.

food (not veg but you can't see that) 

I made cabbage rolls. It's been a long time, I should do this more often.
These are pretty nonstandard, with ground pork (heavy on the sage, I ground it myself), sautéed onion and carrot, and quinoa (cooked in seasoned chicken drippings and stock). Topped with mozz, and decent red sauce from a jar.

cat is weird he loves wet socks 

Three times in a row makes this a trend - Mr. Catface is obsessed with damp fuzzy socks. He came running after I Iaid them out, I think he can smell the detergent maybe?

a tiny bit of ec but mostly TRUCK 

Truck acquired! See my happy shining spouse.

It's not a kei truck, though it is small compared to US trucks. it can carry 50% more weight than the Tundra - with only 79 horsepower lmao

Now off to customs to get it formally released!

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Picking up the Liteace now! Sitting in the truck outside the roro (roll on/roll off) port gate waiting for husband to drive it out so we can trailer it up and go!

cat ec weird cat ec 

This weird-ass cat is laying on my damp fuzzy socks and snuggling/grooming/air-chewing one of them. Idek.
Now he's looking like a really smug loaf and falling asleep. On my damp socks. Okayyy dude.

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