a tiny bit of ec but mostly TRUCK 

Truck acquired! See my happy shining spouse.

It's not a kei truck, though it is small compared to US trucks. it can carry 50% more weight than the Tundra - with only 79 horsepower lmao

Now off to customs to get it formally released!

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Picking up the Liteace now! Sitting in the truck outside the roro (roll on/roll off) port gate waiting for husband to drive it out so we can trailer it up and go!

cat ec weird cat ec 

This weird-ass cat is laying on my damp fuzzy socks and snuggling/grooming/air-chewing one of them. Idek.
Now he's looking like a really smug loaf and falling asleep. On my damp socks. Okayyy dude.

I got myself a fall item of clothing, a boilersuit in this excellent 70s pattern. Now I need somewhere to wear it. Hmm.

food - not veg 

Complete dish- carnitas tacos with queso fresco, avocado, green salsa, and sautéed radish greens (plus the lightly pickled escabéche)

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Every time I try to make Japanese-style fluffy pancakes, it goes not-quite-right. They still taste good but I just can't get that loft. Maybe my meringue isn't stiff enough. The fluffy batter looks good and tall when it goes into the pan but then the edges fall and I end up with domed cakes. Idk. It's a fun experiment to occasionally fail at anyway.

I think we're skirting the worst of it, just look at that cloud 😍

The best/biggest storm of this trip was while we were preparing to leave central Kentucky. It had been years since I'd seen rain quite that intense. I bet the cave we were in the day before instantly flash flooded in a terrifying fashion.

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A storm unleashing on what I believe is Granulated Mountain next to the Anaconda Smelter Stack.

non alcoholic beverage 

I don't know if I got enough Ale 8 😭

cave caving spelunking 

Went caving today, it was wildddddd. Scary. Slippery. Dark. Exhilarating. I might consider doing it again but not in Vans...

Knocked another national park off the list - New River Gorge National Park. Very pretty area. Now on to Charleston.

food (fruit!) 

I had to go to the eastern us but I did it, I found good watermelon!

pet (dog) ec and travelogue 

Left the greater Denver area this morning. Staying in Tulsa tonight. Boring day of driving. Tomorrow, walking around Eureka Springs and hopefully making it to Memphis. Contingency for tomorrow night is Little Rock. One more hour of driving today, let's go!

About to cross the Colorado Rockies on 70. Seeing lots of neat geological stuff today. We started the day outside of SLC but it was really smoky, the mountains were a bit obscured.

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