I'm going to ride with the Fleet (moped club) tonight. That isn't a huge deal, I do occasionally. But I've only ever kept up when on my scooter, it's a 4-stroke 125cc Buddy. Much faster than the average moped.

Next weekend is the Mosquito Fleet rally and I want to ride a moped, not a scooter. It's a 50cc 2-stroke with tuned clutch and pipe. I admit I'm mostly trying to fit in and look cool. I've chosen the moped to ride and gotten a bit of seat time, but I want more. So out I go tonight.

It was fine, I completed the ride, just a bit behind the group. The ride was pretty short but fast, fast is the club signature. Most moped clubs don't ride so fast. It also doesn't help that everyone else knows the roads around there pretty well and I don't really.
Rally speed will be fine, big groups don't go so fast. And I don't mind riding in a group, it reminds me of roller derby pack skating.

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