Listening to "The House in the Cerulean Sea" as an audiobook was a very good idea. Augh, what am I going to listen to after it's done though??

@Sacchan the same author has another book out - also in audio - and I loved it, it's a bit more aimed at adults but so sweet and a little sad, it's titled "Under the Whispering Door".

I pretty much only listen to cozy audiobooks so I have lots of suggestions! And TJ Klune is definitely at the top of that list.

@Cyannin Oooo thank you for the info, I will see if library has it! I would *love* to hear any other cozy audiobook suggestions you have

@Sacchan Yay! Are you familiar with Becky Chambers' books?
A lot of the cozy stuff I've been into lately is sci-fi, but like fluffy-space opera-found family (in space/the far future), not "hard" sci fi.
I really liked Light From Uncommon Stars, it does have a couple tough/violent (not graphic) scenes but overall it's hopeful and sweet.
Oh, Cemetery Boys was so sweet and such a fun dive into LA-Mexican brujo culture (made fantasy-literal).

@Cyannin Hi! I was meaning to follow up and say I loved Cemetery Boys and thank you!! It was such a sweet story and I had a great time listening to it.
Light From Uncommon Stars, also love what I read so far and looking forward to reading the rest when my hold comes through (left it too long during checkout number 1)


@Sacchan Oh, happy to hear it! Both such good books.
I finally got my hands on the newest Monk & Robot this week, so far it's every bit as enjoyable as I would expect.

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